Nathan, Salisbury, Moorooka Neighbourhood Plan

Brisbane City Council is creating a new neighbourhood plan for Nathan, Salisbury and Moorooka. Neighbourhood plans help guide future development and coordinate land use and infrastructure over a 10-year period and beyond. Once complete, the neighbourhood plan will become part of Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan).

The neighbourhood plan is being developed to ensure the area's future looks familiar, while planning for the needs of the existing and future community.

Council is working with the local community to:

  • review the development potential of industrial and residential areas to facilitate employment growth and enhance liveability
  • capitalise on the significant infrastructure investment in the area
  • preserve the suburban and traditional character of residential areas
  • protect and enhance the environment and biodiversity in Toohey Forest and local waterways
  • enhance wayfinding, streetscapes and walkability between major employment hubs, residential areas, and public transport infrastructure.

Nathan, Salisbury, Moorooka Neighbourhood Plan study area

View the Nathan, Salisbury, Moorooka Neighbourhood Plan study area as a larger map.

You can also download the Nathan, Salisbury, Moorooka Neighbourhood Plan study area (PDF - 907kb).

Community Planning Team

Following a review of nominations, 30 people were selected to represent the community’s views. Notes from Community Planning Team meetings and a profile of CPT members are available below.

Learn more about community planning teams.

Neighbourhood plan process

Community input is a vital part of the neighbourhood planning process, and there will be a number of face-to-face and online opportunities for you to have your say during the project.

Following initial background research, Council will develop a draft strategy. This will ensure the community has opportunities to have a say early in the process and help guide future planning for the area. This will include proposed land use and may identify future projects and actions that will help guide new development and investment.

Community responses on the draft strategy, together with technical reports, will inform the development of a statutory neighbourhood plan. This will include details of all proposed changes such as changes to zones, overlays or planned infrastructure, and accompanying technical maps. The draft will be reviewed by the Queensland Government before further community consultation.

Once complete, the plan will be adopted as part of City Plan to guide development in the area.

Project timeline

Timeline of key project milestones
Mid-late 2019

Background research and initial community engagement 

Download the:

You can view initial community thoughts and ideas on the interactive map.

Community Planning Team nominations closed on 16 September 2019.

Download the:

Early-mid- 2021

Draft strategy

Council will seek community feedback on a draft strategy that will set the direction of the neighbourhood plan.

Late 2021-early 2022

Draft neighbourhood plan

Council will prepare a draft plan including specific proposals such as changes to zones or overlays, which will be reviewed by the Queensland Government and released for further community feedback.

Late 2022

Plan adoption

Adoption and gazettal of the neighbourhood plan, which will then form part of City Plan.

Brisbane's Future Blueprint

After input from more than 100,000 residents, in June 2018 Council released Brisbane's Future Blueprint with eight principles to guide decisions for Brisbane. One of these principles is creating a city of neighbourhoods where residents are close to the services they need and the lifestyle and leisure options they want.

Council creates plans including the Nathan, Salisbury, Moorooka Neighbourhood Plan to help make this long-term vision a reality.

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