Manly Harbour Village Precinct Project

Brisbane City Council is working with the local community to revitalise the neighbourhood shopping precinct at Manly Harbour Village, along Cambridge Parade, and a section of the Esplanade in Manly. This is part of the Village Precinct Projects program and Council's commitment to create a city of vibrant neighbourhoods.

We're committing $890,000 to the improvement project, which aims to:

  • enhance the amenity, connection and safety for residents and visitors to the centre
  • contribute to and encourage local economic growth
  • increase the community's sense of place and pride in this neighbourhood centre.

Proposed improvements

Proposed improvements may include:

  • footpath upgrades to improve accessibility, areas of underutilised space and visual amenity
  • improving pedestrian safety and accessibility by upgrading existing crossing points
  • tree planting to improve visual and physical amenity while providing shade
  • groundcover plantings to new and existing garden beds
  • standard and unique street furniture
  • creating placemaking opportunities and delivering creative outcomes.

Community consultation and engagement

The local community is encouraged to become involved in the planning for the revitalisation proposal by providing feedback about the local centre.

Download the:

Council held onsite information kiosks on 4 and 5 September 2020 and an online survey providing the community with the opportunity to have their say about their neighbourhood centre. Feedback will assist Council in understanding what the community thinks is important in their neighbourhood and will inform the improvement proposal for the Manly Harbour Village precinct.

A concept design proposal will be developed in response to the community feedback, which will be presented back to the community in late 2020.

Next steps

Next steps and milestones for the Manly Harbour Village Precinct Project

Concept design

A concept design proposal will be prepared in response to the community’s feedback from the onsite information kiosks and the online survey. The community will have the opportunity to view and comment on the concept design when released, to inform a future revitalisation proposal.

Improvement proposal In early 2021, prior to commencement of construction, the Final Improvement Proposal plan for the Manly Harbour VPP will be presented to the community.


Construction is planned to commence early 2021 and be completed by mid-2021, subject to weather and site conditions. Council will consult with businessowners and operators within the construction areas to ensure minimal disruption occurs during construction. Access to businesses in the Manly Harbour Village shopping centre will be maintained during business hours.

Project completion

The project is currently scheduled for completion mid-2021.

More information

For more information on the Manly Harbour Village Precinct Project, phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak to the project team.

Last updated: 21 September 2020