Epic online library services to enjoy from your loungeroom

Being stuck at home doesn’t need to be a bore. It’s a great opportunity to hit reset on your ‘read more’ resolution that may have fallen by the wayside. Make the most of your time indoors by binging on the next instalment of your favourite series – and we don’t mean Netflix!

Council’s online library is available 24/7 for users and offers more than 150,000 online resources, including magazine and newspaper titles in more than 60 languages – meaning even if you can’t leave the house, you can bring the library (including awesome books, movies and music) right to your living room.

Visit the library catalogue (eLibCat) to get started. For residents without an existing membership, you can apply online for a temporary digital membership.

We’re also working to set up a free home delivery service to bring a selection of books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs and CDs to the city’s most vulnerable residents.

eBooks – the perfect social isolation activity

Reading can be an escape from worry and uncertainty. It can help quieten our minds and unwind from stress or anxiety that may be dished up by the ‘outside world’.

We understand the comfort of a paperback as much as the next book worm, but in this day and age, they aren’t the only way to get your next Harry Potter fix, with eBooks at their peak of popularity. Accessing great reads from Council’s online library is as easy as the click of a button, and voila – you could be carrying a bunch of eBooks around at any time, right from your personal device.

As well as eBooks being free and convenient, we have more than 93,000 to choose from. And better yet, it’s quick and easy to find what you’re after.

Top eBook reads

Take a leaf out of a multitasker’s book

For those who don’t want to sit still for long, switch it up and go for an audiobook.  Much like an eBook, audiobooks can be downloaded directly to your device using several platforms and away you go (check out the library catalogue and take your pick of the apps!). While away the monotonous housework or procrastinated tasks with a few chapters of the latest James Patterson thriller (or whatever takes your fancy - there are 41,673 audiobooks to choose from). These are ideal for someone on-the-go or looking to multitask. Bonus points to these for being the perfect way to unwind during a home workout.

Top audiobook picks

eLibrary and chill

Thought libraries were all books? Think again. Grab your favourite cinema snack and hunker down for a night of movies and documentaries, courtesy of kanopy, Council libraries’ film and documentary streaming platform. With big names like Kate Winslet and Jake Gyllenhaal among the mix, it’s hard to pass up a free movie night. The app has an impressive range of documentaries too – whether you’re a clean and green warrior, a space enthusiast, or into French street art, there’s something for all.

Top free streaming picks

  • Paper Planes
  • The Silent Child
  • Code Girl

Make the most of eMagazines

For those of us who usually find joy in a quick flip of the magazines or comics in the supermarket, fear not. Whether you’re in it for the celebrity news, your horoscope, a new recipe, or a niche hobby, Council’s library members can stock up on a huge selection of magazines or comics using rb Digital. The best news? Once you download your mags, you have them for life! (Plus you’re safe from recipe thieves).

Learn a language

Even if travel isn’t on the cards right now, you can keep your mind active by learning a language. Council library members have free access to Mango Languages – downloadable on your phone from the app store, or on your personal device, so you can learn at the pace you’d like wherever you are! Challenge your family members to join you on your journey to becoming multi-lingual (or keep it to yourself and enjoy the language envy instead!).

How to get in on the eLibrary fun

It’s super easy to get downloading – all you’ll need is your membership number, and in some cases, an email address. You can download the apps directly to your phone, tablet or desktop computer and get started, or read about the different free platforms on offer.

How to apply for a digital library membership

Not a member yet? Sign up online for a temporary digital library membership! Digital library membership provides Brisbane residents with access to our eResource collection from the comfort of your own home until 30 June 2020.

How to borrow from our online library

Getting started is simple. Search the online library catalogue with your membership card number and PIN on hand and download your picks from various platforms, dodging the need to physically return your items when you’re done. If you still need help with downloading e-content, then contact your local library for advice.

What to do with your physical library books

We have extended due dates for all returns to 30 June, and this may be extended for longer if needed. That means time for a re-read! You can also return any borrowed books in the meantime by using the after hours return facilities outside your local library.

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