Get the most from your Active Travel Map

Children reading maps

Schools participating in the Active School Travel program for the first time will soon receive their Active Travel Maps. These maps have been specifically designed for each school to help families actively travel.

The map shows suggested Park & Stride routes to school, bus routes, railway stations, walking tracks and on and off road bikeways, as well as local parks and other points of interest. If families need to drive part the way to school, they also clearly show where to leave the car and Park & Stride the rest of the journey to school – generally a 10 minute walk.


Use them in classroom lessons for graphing exercises; mapping where students travel from to school; discussing terms such as ‘local area’ and what that means; working with legends; and discussing landmarks and their distance to the school


Keep it on the fridge for easy reference and use it to plan your journey to school each day.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019