Wynnum Road corridor upgrade: Stage 1 (East Brisbane) fly-through video - supporting information

This page provides supporting information for the Stage 1 Wynnum Road corridor upgrade (East Brisbane) fly-through video.

Supporting information

The fly-through video shows a three-dimensional animated model of Stage 1 of the Wynnum Road corridor upgrade at East Brisbane after the upgrade has been completed.

The fly-through begins at the intersection of Park Avenue and Lytton Road and moves east along Lytton Road. It shows the road has been widened from four to six lanes. As the fly-through continues through the intersection of Latrobe Street and Lytton Road it shows the new traffic signals and dedicated pedestrian crossing. Also visible is the new shared pathway on the left hand side of Lytton Road along the front of Mowbray Park.

As the fly-through approaches the Heidelberg Street intersection, the new urban space is visible along the shop front to the right hand side of Lytton Road. On the left where the entrance to Eskgrove Street was located previously, is redeveloped open space and the start of the dedicated bike path and adjacent pedestrian footpath.

The video continues outbound along Lytton Road showing the new cul-de-sac at Scanlan Street and new street to access Laidlaw Parade. At this intersection, new traffic signals and dedicated pedestrian crossings are visible. As the fly-through approaches Canning Bridge, the new cul-de-sac at Laidlaw Parade and the new indented bus stop is seen on the left hand side of Lytton Road.

The fly-though ends with a wide inbound view of the enitre project from Canning Bridge to Park Avenue.

Last updated: 8 May 2019