Ashgrove - Gresham Street Bridge replacement project

Brisbane City Council is planning works to replace the existing bridge crossing at Gresham Street to ensure ongoing safety and local access for all road users.

Summary table for the Gresham Street Bridge Replacement project
Address Gresham Street, Ashgrove
Ward The Gap Ward
Project outcomes Replace existing bridge crossing to ensure safety and local access.
Latest update

Early works – Water main relocation

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About the project

Constructed in 1931, the existing Gresham Street bridge is a two-lane timber bridge with narrow pedestrian pathways. Vehicle access is restricted to 22.5 tonne which limits most large vehicles such as semi-trailers and machinery used to maintain Council roads. The bridge is now nearing the end of its serviceable life and requires replacement.

The existing bridge is also subject to flood inundation during low flood events with an immunity of between 50% and 20% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP), being inundated once every 2 to 5 years.

The project objective is to replace the existing bridge with a new elevated concrete structure with improved 42.5 tonne load limits and flood immunity while minimising hydraulic, environmental, property and construction impacts. The new 3 span structure will be 37m in length, with a cross section total width of 13.7m to accommodate two wide traffic lanes and a 2.5m shared path on each side. The project will also upgrade the traffic lights at the Gresham Street and Waterworks Road intersection to improve the safety for all road users.

The Gresham Street bridge replacement project is jointly funded by Council and the Australian Government as part of the Bridges Renewal Program.

Temporary bridge

To facilitate the removal and replacement of the bridge in the current location, Council will construct a temporary bridge parallel to the existing structure. The temporary bridge will be a two-lane structure with a shared pedestrian and cycle path to maintain access for residents of St Johns Wood.

Project features

The project will involve:

  • constructing a temporary bridge east of the existing bridge, to maintain access during construction of the new bridge at Gresham Street
  • removal of the existing timber bridge and construction of a new elevated concrete bridge
  • minor relocation of the St Johns Wood Scout’s entrance to improve intersection safety
  • Improved drainage infrastructure on Gresham Street and Waterworks Road
  • pavement works and line marking
  • upgrading to LED street lighting and traffic signals at Waterworks Road
  • hard and soft landscaping, including tree planting.

Early works

Council is currently undertaking works to relocate the existing services mounted on the bridge to new permanent alignments under the creek bed. APA Gas relocation was completed in July 2020 with Urban Utilities (UU) watermain relocation scheduled to take place from December 2020.

Potholing and geotechnical investigations will also begin in December 2020 and recommence following the Christmas period shut down (Thursday 24 November 2020 to Friday 8 January 2021).

All early works are expected to be complete in early 2021 ahead of major construction commencement.

Project benefits

The project will provide:

  • a 100-year design life
  • improved flood immunity to the bridge deck level 5% annual exceedance probability (AEP) (1 in 20 years)
  • upgrade crossing vehicle load limit from 22.5 tonne to 42.5 tonne
  • improved drainage
  • more reliable access to and egress from local residential area
  • improved intersection safety for all road users at Gresham Street and Waterworks Road.

Community feedback

Brisbane City Council recently held two community information sessions at St Johns Wood parkland on Thursday 5 November and Saturday 7 November.

Project timing

Project timings are subject to change and weather permitting:

  • Detailed design – Complete
  • Service relocation works – April 2020 to early 2021
  • Bridge construction works – early 2021 to mid-2022.

More information

If you would like to provide comments, ask questions or find out more about the Gresham Street Bridge Replacement project you can:

Last updated: 25 November 2020