The way forward - A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle

Imagine a future where you don't need a car for short, local trips. You can use well-maintained paths and bikeways all year round to walk or cycle to your local shops, schools and parks, plus onward links to the Central Business District (CBD). You can save on the running cost of your car and instead get the latest model bike, new sneakers and spend days out enjoying our city’s natural areas - all while getting fit!

Brisbane has what it takes to become one of the world’s great walking and cycling cities. We have beautiful riverside walks and bridges, thousands of kilometres of local pathways and a world-class bikeway network that’s growing by the day.

Our city streets must balance traffic with safe, comfortable journeys for walking and cycling, especially around the CBD’s retail heart and leading to universities, stadiums and entertainment venues.

Walking and cycling networks are affordable, enjoyable and healthy ways to get where you need to go. Our vision is for even more of them!

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Last updated:29 April 2019