The way forward - An easy commute

An easy commute

Imagine a future where your daily commute isn't ruled by timetables and tickets. You can leave home whenever you're ready, knowing you can just turn up, jump on and go - whether it be a driverless bus, electric bike or a personal mobility pod. Get a head start on the day's work with free on-board Wi-Fi and charge points all at your seat, as your mobile tracks your journey from start to finish, automating payment and feeding real-time alerts on route changes, delays and alternative options along the way.

By 2041, South East Queensland will be home to nearly 1.9 million extra people [1]. Brisbane is growing every day. More people want to live and work here, more companies want to invest here and more commuters than ever will need to travel into and around our city in the future.

We want Brisbane's public transport to be your first choice for getting into the city; easy to use, there when you need it and with times, transfers and ticket information all available at a tap.

[1] Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, Shaping SEQ, Queensland Government, Brisbane, 2017, p34.

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Last updated: 29 April 2019