The way forward - Connecting communities

Connecting communities

Imagine a future where one part of your journey melts seamlessly into the next. You can go from your front door to a pathway, then onto a bikeway before joining with public transport, which will take you straight to wherever you need to be. You'll move across suburbs seamlessly and in a snap, giving you more time to spend with family and friends when you get there.

Our communities are changing and we need an efficient and integrated transport network to keep them connected. Fast, frequent and reliable public transport services should be the foundation of that network. These should complement active transport options to connect major centres, specialist employment hubs and urban living areas to each other and to the CBD, making more destinations accessible around the clock as Brisbane becomes a 24/7 city.

Public transport should be affordable and accessible for all, including people with a disability, or who are older, speak a different language or travel with young children. Stops and stations should be within walking distance of homes, with information on how to plan, book and pay for a journey all available in one easy place.

Our transport system needs to make us better connected, not just move us from A to B.

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Last updated:29 April 2019