The way forward - Looking ahead - the next 20+ years

Looking ahead - the next 20+ years

The world is changing and Brisbane is no exception. Tomorrow will look very different to today, as rapid changes in technology, the environment, new business models and an ageing population change how people move around.

In the next 20 years, there will be significant population growth in areas around Brisbane including Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. At the same time, employment in Brisbane will grow more than any other local government area, providing almost half of South East Queensland’s new jobs to 2041. This means more people will be commuting into Brisbane from surrounding areas, creating more demand on transport networks already at capacity during peak times.

While building and upgrading infrastructure will continue to play an important role in meeting increased demand, we recognise the need to change our focus and look to alternative, sustainable forms of transport and ensure Brisbane is a walkable city. We need to work Brisbane’s existing infrastructure harder and embrace innovation to meet people’s needs. We need to build our agility so we can embrace innovation and new technology.

We need to seamlessly integrate land use and transport planning to ensure we meet future infrastructure and transport corridor needs. Through the new Transport Plan for Brisbane, Council will deliver farsighted, innovative and people focused transport planning for Brisbane’s future.

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Last updated:29 April 2019