Rates discount, rebates and exemptions

We're helping lower the cost of living through a range of rates rebates for those who need it most. Learn about the discount, rebates and exemptions offered on rate accounts, including our early payment discount, pensioner, owner-occupier, rate capping and bushland preservation rebates. 

Discount and interest

Council offers eligible ratepayers an early payment discount to encourage payment of rates by the due date. The discount is available to properties in Categories 1 and 10 up to a maximum of $60 per annum.

If the full amount outstanding is not paid within 30 days of issue, interest is charged on the unpaid amount.

The early payment discount amount and interest rate are set out in the budget at the end of each financial year. For more information, refer to Council’s Resolution of Rates and Charges.


Council offers:

  • A $250 Flood Relief Rebate for eligible ratepayers who have been affected by the recent severe weather event
  • a $1000 Uninhabitable Residence Rebate for eligible ratepayers who have been affected by the recent severe weather event. 
  • a $250 JobSeeker Rebate where a ratepayer receives a Commonwealth Government JobSeeker Payment in 2021-22 and meets all other eligibility criteria
  • Pensioner Rebate of up to 40% to eligible applicants
  • Not-For-Profit General Rate Rebate for organisations providing welfare and community support to residents of Brisbane or eligible not-for-profit kindergartens
  • Bushland Preservation Rebate for all properties subject to a Voluntary Conservation Agreement or a Land for Wildlife Agreement
  • an Owner-Occupier Rebate which ensures a cap of 7.5% on annual general rates increases for owner-occupied residential properties.


Council charges a Rate Account and Services Establishment Fee to establish a new rate account when a property transfers ownership. You can apply for exemption from this fee if you meet certain criteria.

We also offer a General Rate Exemption for properties used for public, religious, charitable or educational purposes.

More information

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Last updated: 24 June 2022

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