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12 September 2019

What started out as two friends dishing out homemade gnocchi at a weekly farmers market has become one of Brisbane’s most unique restaurants, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers.

16 August 2019

Nightlife Music's world-first innovation, crowdDJ, lets business owners curate a music playlist with customer requests through a unique collaborative experience.

7 June 2019

The MOVUS FitMachine is attached to industrial machinery and uses a sensor to monitor the machine’s vibration, temperature and acoustics. It sends an alert, using artificial intelligence, at the first detection of machinery malfunction, saving business owners’ valuable time and money.

8 May 2019

Katie Richards is the CEO and founder of Virtual Legal, a law firm that manages commercial and property-related legal transactions online.

17 April 2019

Nadine Bates and Kristen Souvlis launched Like A Photon Creative in 2014, a multi-award-winning production company specialising in creating content for children. Today the Brisbane-based company makes film and television for some of the largest names in the entertainment industry, including Sesame Street USA and Disney.

9 November 2018

ChekRite helps companies to trade in their paper-based process for digital-driven data solutions. 

21 September 2018

Skye Anderton is the founder of Ruby Olive, a fast-growing jewellery label based in Brisbane.


Last updated:30 August 2019