Prohibited and restricted activities in parks

Use this page to find out about prohibited and restricted activities in Brisbane City Council parks and bushland reserves.

Prohibited activities

Prohibited activities in parks and reserves include activities that could:

  • be dangerous
  • damage, injure or interfere with wildlife, vegetation, natural features or park infrastructure
  • cause nuisance
  • obstruct public access to all or part of a park.

Some common prohibited activities in parks and reserves include:

  • camping
  • illegal dumping of waste
  • walking or diving into any rehabilitation area or similiar site contained within a barricade or fenced area
  • polluting any lake, pond, creek, waterway, dam or other body of water
  • fishing, net casting or bait catching (in a closed body of water), unless otherwise signed
  • bungee jumping
  • collecting driftwood or firewood
  • golf, other than at a designated golf facility or with a whiffle ball
  • lighting of fires, except in designated fire pits or fire places, or as allowed by Council
  • motorbike or trail bike riding
  • paintball
  • picking flowers or taking cuttings of plants, unless otherwise signed.

Restricted activities 

Restricted activities are activities permitted in areas or facilities specifically designated for the activity (e.g. mountain biking on designated mountain bike trails). Restricted activities can occur without Council approval unless they involve large groups. A large group is 20 or more people in bushland areas or 50 or more people in all other Council parks.

Some common restricted activities in parks include:

  • flying drones and other remotely piloted aircraft
  • bushwalking (view the appropriate bushland reserve track maps to locate walking tracks, track grading and access)
  • horse riding
  • mountain biking
  • rock climbing (cliffs at Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park only).

Slacklining is a restricted activity in Council parks. Council does not permit this activity unless supported with a park use consent. You can obtain Council consent by submitting an online park consent/booking application form.

Mountain bike riding

Mountain bike riding is permitted on designated trails in:

You can use electric mountain bikes on designated trails. Pedals must be the primary source of power and the motor is to be a maximum of 200 watts. Remember to take care and give way to others. 

Horse riding

Horse riding is permitted on designated trails in the following Council natural areas:

More information

You can phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to find out if your activity is:

  • prohibited
  • restricted, or 
  • requires an application for Council consent.
Last updated:7 May 2019