A cyclist riding on the completed Kedron Brook bikeway - Corbett Park

Rebuilding and recovering the Kedron Brook and reconnecting the Kedron Brook Bikeway has been one of our key priorities since the February 2022 flood event. Works have been completed to restore the bikeway and nearby greenspaces, and lighting restoration is expected to be complete in early 2024. 

About the restoration program

The Kedron Brook catchment comprises over 110 square kilometres of land in the north Brisbane suburbs of Ferny Grove, Mitchelton, Everton Park, Keperra, Enoggera, Stafford, Lutwyche, Kedron, Wooloowin, Clayfield, Nundah, Northgate, Toombul and Nudgee.

The Kedron Brook was one of the hardest hit locations by the February 2022 severe weather event, with key sections of the bikeway, creek and surrounding green spaces critically impacted.

Many of the flood impacts in the brook are a result of large volumes of fast flowing water, which resulted in erosion and sediment movement.

While these are natural processes in waterways, the sheer consistent volume and speed of water that resulted from this weather event contributed to damage across many locations in the Kedron Brook.  

Restoration approach

We have a three-stage approach to recover and restore the Kedron Brook:

Assessment and immediate make safe works

After the flood, we cleaned, assessed and made safe impacted areas along the Kedron Brook.

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Restoration and reconnection works

In progress 
Works have been completed to restore the Kedron Brook Bikeway and nearby greenspaces, with lighting restoration expected to be complete in early 2024.

Longer-term improvements at key locations

Mid-2022 onwards

After the flood, we worked to clean, assess and make flood-impacted areas safe. Works to remove significant levels of debris, sediment and mud began as soon as it was safe to do so, and we have re-opened most of the bikeway and green spaces.

Lighting and electrical infrastructure was also significantly impacted by flood waters and we are switching lights back on as they are repaired when it is safe to do so.

Some sections of the Kedron Brook corridor were critically impacted by flood waters and were closed until we complete restoration and reconnection works.

We have a prioritised roadmap to recover the Kedron Brook and works are underway to restore millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

While our current focus is to rebuild and restore areas that have eroded and reconnect pathways with a focus on flood-resilient design, at some locations, we are investigating additional longer-term solutions to improve flood resilience and active transport outcomes.

You can see each of the restoration locations on the map below and read more about our works.

Kedron Brook restoration locations

Completed restoration works

Our current reconnection and restoration works include: 

Kedron Brook Bikeway – Corbett Park at Uxbridge Street

Status: Works complete

A section of Kedron Brook Bikeway in Corbett Park, behind Uxbridge Street, was destroyed by flood waters and localised erosion. The volume and velocity of water moving through the brook, along with run-off from a large stormwater outlet nearby this pathway, resulted in this erosion and the damage at this location.

Works to rebuild and restore the eroded embankment and reconstruct the bikeway were completed in mid-April 2023.

As part of the design, we focussed on resilient design features to improve stability of the embankment, including planting, ground stabilising mesh, ground compaction and large rocks.

Works involved:

  • rebuilding the eroded embankment with rocks, compacted earth and mulch
  • rebuilding damaged sections of the concrete paths to reconnect the bikeway
  • planting a variety of native water tolerant plants and jute mesh to assist with resilience on the rebuilt embankment.

To restore this pathway and embankment with a focus on flood resilient design, we had to remove two trees. We have replanted 34 trees and over 4,000 native ground coverings.


View the project plan:

Kedron Brook Bikeway – Creek crossing at Royal Parade

Status: Works complete

We started works to reconnect the Kedron Brook Bikeway between Royal Parade and Stafford City Shopping Centre in early April and re-opened the creek crossing on 10 June 2022.

The existing bridge over the Kedron Brook at this location was buried by sediment and sand after the flood event, and the adjoining concrete pathways destroyed by flood waters.

Image: Royal Parade bridge and pathways buried by sediment

Given the complexity of damage in this location, we completed the reconnection and restoration in stages.

  1. Reinstated the original flow of the creek and redistribute sediment and sand
  2. Detailed assessments of the bridge structure and adjoining pathways
  3. Minor bridge repairs and reconstruction of adjoining pathways
  4. Landscaping works

Final landscaping and sediment removal works in the area around the bridge were completed in December 2022. This involved laying new turf and planting water tolerant plants to help with soil stability around the creek crossing.

Image: Bridge reopened
Bedford Street – Embankment rehabilitation

Status: Works complete at 65 and 87 Bedford Street

The embankment on the northern side of the Kedron Brook, adjacent to Bedford Street, experienced significant localised erosion at two sites during the severe weather event. This includes adjacent to 87 Bedford Street and 65 Bedford Street.

After the flood waters receded, we installed immediate temporary erosion controls at these two sites to ensure the safety of the community and to help prevent further erosion.

We started works at the site near 87 Bedford Street in June and have finished rebuilding the embankment. Final planting and landscaping works were completed between late August and September 2022.

Works to rebuild the embankment near 65 Bedford Street started in July and were completed in late August, with final planting works finished in September 2022.

Works at these sites generally included:

  • using a mixture of mulch, soil, rocks and waterway sediment to reconstruct the embankment
  • erosion protection improvements, including planting a variety of native water tolerant plants and trees, and jute matting to assist while the plants are establishing.
Johnston Street – embankment rehabilitation

Status: Works complete

The embankment on the northern side of the Kedron Brook, at the end of Johnston Street in Gordon Park experienced significant erosion after the flood event.

We installed temporary erosion controls at this site after the flood event, including tarps and sandbags, to stabilise the site and prevent further erosion.

Works to remediate this site include:

  • a mixture of mulch, soil, rocks and waterway sediment to reconstruct the embankment
  • erosion protection improvements, including planting a variety of native water tolerant plants and trees, and jute matting to assist while the plants are establishing.

We have finished rebuilding the eroded embankment, placing jute matting and planting of water tolerant plants, with all works completed in early September 2022.

Kedron Brook Bikeway – Wolverhampton Street creek crossing (temporary reconnection works)

Status: Reconnection works complete

The existing creek crossing near Wolverhampton Street in Grange/Stafford was destroyed in the flood event. The embankment on the eastern side of the Kedron Brook experienced severe erosion and portions of the culvert crossing and adjoining concrete pathway washed away.

Image: Damage at the Wolverhampton Street creek crossing

The bikeway at this location has been reconnected and restored, with final restoration works completed in early April 2023. 


Following a review of Council's infrastructure program, the Wolverhampton Street creek crossing upgrade project has been deferred and funding will be reconsidered in future years against citywide priorities.

Council is committed to keeping the community informed and will provide information about this project should it become available in the future.

Kedron Brook Bikeway – Walter Bourke Park creek crossing

Status: Works complete

The culvert crossing and surrounding land at Walter Bourke Park in Gordon Park was damaged by flood waters and has remained closed to ensure the safety of the community. There was significant erosion on the northern bank of the brook, and a large stormwater drain adjacent to Kate Street/Shamrock Street was also damaged during the flood.

Image: Damage to the creek crossing and northern embankment in Walter Bourke Park

Overall, works to restore this site involved:

  • rebuilding the eroded embankment with rocks, compacted earth and mulch
  • repairing damaged sections of the culvert, handrails and adjoining concrete paths to reinstate a safe creek crossing
  • planting a variety of native water tolerant plants and jute mesh to assist with resilience on the rebuilt embankment.

Works to restore the embankment and reconnect the bikeway at this location were completed in early December, with some final meshing to be removed before Christmas 2022.

Kalinga Park – rail underpass and culvert crossing

Status: Works complete

Two locations in Kalinga Park, Clayfield were damaged by flood waters, including the rail underpass east of Diggers Drive, and a culvert creek crossing to the east of the rail line.

We completed works to rebuild the pathway and reopened the rail underpass in late June, and the culvert crossing re- in late July 2022.

Works to repair the culvert crossing included:

  • removing damaged sections of path and concrete debris
  • reconstructing the damaged sections of concrete path
  • reinstalling handrails over the culvert, and other fencing nearby the culvert
  • minor vegetation reinstatement and resilience improvements. 
Burwood Road bridge (temporary works)

Status: Temporary works complete

The embankment under the Burwood Road bridge, along the Kedron Brook, was damaged by flood waters.

We undertook temporary erosion protection works on the Burwood Road bridge abutment and piers, as part of the Kedron Brook restoration program. Works included placing large rocks in sections where erosion had occurred. These works will ensure the resilience of the bridge and nearby abutments and help keep our road network moving.

We will need to complete permanent works to repair the erosion and ensure the resilience of the bridge. Find out more about these upcoming works.

Burwood Road bridge - embankment repairs

Status: Works complete

The embankment under the Burwood Road bridge, along the Kedron Brook experienced severe erosion and damage from flood waters.

Works involved stabilising the embankment around the bridge foundations by installing rock protection around the base of the bridge piles, batter and abutment.  

Construction started in late February 2024 and was completed in mid-May 2024. 

For more information, visit our Burwood Road bridge embankment repairs webpage.

Ongoing works


Status: Works ongoing


Lighting along 20km of Kedron Brook Bikeway was significantly impacted by the flood event, with electrical footings and services damaged or destroyed by flood waters.

We had to work quickly after the flood waters receded to de-energise lighting to ensure the safety of the community and have been undertaking extensive damage assessments since March.

Through an extensive audit of the lighting along the Kedron Brook, we have determined that more than 330 lighting sites were damaged or destroyed and require restoration. This will include replacing more than 150 lighting poles.

Where it is safe to do so, we have been switching lighting back on, however, lighting remains affected along large sections of the bikeway.

We are working with our lighting specialists to design, repair and restore the lighting as soon as we can.

Our current lighting restoration sites include:

This table provides information on the current light restoration sites including location and status.
Corbett Park, Grange and adjacent to Colton Avenue, LutwycheCompleted and energised.
Gympie Road, Kedron and Shaw Road, Wavell HeightsCompleted and energised.
Shand Street, Stafford to Royal Parade, AlderleyCompleted and energised.
Toombul Terrace to Albert Bishop Park, NundahCompleted and energised. 
Shaw Road, Wavell Heights to Kalinga Park rail underpass Kalinga

Works commenced in late August 2023 and will be undertaken in two sections.

  • Section A: Shaw Road to Diggers Drive – Partly completed and energised, with Shaw Park section requiring further works in April 2024. See more information below.
  • Section B: Diggers Drive to Kalinga Park rail underpass – completed and energised.
Amelia Park, Gordon Park to Gympie Road, LutwycheCompleted and energised, with final scour protection works under Gympie Road bridge completed in November 2023.

Restoration work at each site may include:

  • open trenching and vacuum excavating to install light pole foundations, conduits and electrical pits
  • installation of luminaires and poles
  • electrical cabling works
  • adding topsoil and turf.

All lighting restoration works are expected to be completed early 2024.

Shaw Park, Wavell Heights

We have identified that additional work is required on the lighting north of Shaw Park to ensure we can safely energise the remaining lighting here.

Our works will involve replacing and upgrading the existing lighting infrastructure to ensure it is compliant and aligns with the rest of the bikeway.

Works will occur from mid-April to late May, between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, weather and site conditions permitting. In the event of wet weather, works will extend beyond late May until complete.

Challenges and complexities

We have faced a range of challenges and complexities throughout the Kedron Brook lighting restoration, including:

  • theft of copper cables
  • heritage listed parks and areas
  • contaminated land
  • market conditions and resourcing – difficulty sourcing resourcing and materials.

We are working hard to overcome these challenges to ensure the lighting along the bikeway is restored.

Project documents


More information

For more information or to ask questions about restoration works at these locations along the Kedron Brook, you can: 

  • phone the project team on 1800 884 681 (during business hours)
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 (after hours)
  • email the project team.
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