Story Bridge restoration project - Kangaroo Point

Brisbane City Council is undertaking a makeover on Queensland's iconic Story Bridge.


Address Story Bridge, State Route 15, Northern end - New Farm (4005), Southern end - Kangaroo Point (4169)
Wards Central and Gabba
Project outcomes Prolong the life of the Story Bridge
Latest update

Stage 1 project works have commenced

About the project

The heritage-listed Story Bridge is an important link in Brisbane's road network carrying approximately 100,000 vehicles per day across the Brisbane River.

The Story Bridge restoration project is part of Council’s plan to proactively manage the city’s assets and is anticipated to be delivered in multiple stages over a five-year period.

Stage 1 of the Story Bridge restoration project involves the restoration of the below deck steel in the first three ‘warren truss’ spans on the southern approach to the Story Bridge, between Baildon Street and Wharf Street, Kangaroo Point.

Span 2, which is located directly above the metered car park in Wharf Street is being restored first, followed by span 3 (above Wharf Street), then span 1 (above Baildon Street).

These works include:

  • installation of a scaffolding (access) system
  • some repair and strengthening works
  • installation and use of a specialised containment system
  • surface preparation works and recoating of steel members.

To ensure cultural heritage values are appropriately recognised and managed, the Story Bridge will be restored to match its existing grey colour.

The majority of these works are being carried out during the day, between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and 7am and 2pm on Saturdays (as required). However, some of the repair and strengthening works, which involve removing and replacing existing steel plates and components that have corroded, are being intermittently undertaken at night, when traffic volumes on the bridge structure overhead are lowest. When required, night works will be scheduled to occur between 9pm and 5am, Sunday to Thursday night.

The Story Bridge restoration works will maintain the structural integrity and aesthetics of this iconic bridge and ensure that our local road network continues to be safe and accessible for all users.

Project timing

Works on span 2 (above the Wharf Street car park) were completed in mid-December 2020, with the removal of the scaffolding and encapsulation system continuing into January 2021.

As restoration works on span 2 have been completed, works are underway on span 3 , which is located directly above Wharf Street.

Preparation works for span 3 commenced in December 2020, with the installation of the specialised scaffolding and encapsulation system for this span. Restoration works on span 3 will commence in mid-February 2021 and take about four months to complete, weather and site conditions permitting. 

Following this, works will move to span 1 (above Baildon Street) in early-mid 2021. Works on all three spans in this first stage of the Story Bridge restoration project are anticipated to be completed by late 2021.

The remaining stages of the Story Bridge restoration project are anticipated to be completed over the next five years.

Environmental monitoring

While a majority of the pressure washing, sand blasting and coating works are being carried out within a specialised encapsulation system designed to contain and remove emissions and waste products, environmental monitoring is undertaken throughout the project as a precautionary measure and to monitor compliance with standards. 

As part of the environmental monitoring process, several high-volume air sampling devices have been installed around the project site to monitor the concentration of airborne particulate matter in the atmosphere. 

While each device is fitted with an exhaust muffler to reduce noise emissions, some noise may still be heard coming from the device when in close proximity.

Impacts during project works

Residents and businesses in close proximity to the project site may experience increased noise from the works and potential odour from the encapsulation system’s air filtration system. This includes noise from power tools while steel rivets, plates and other fixings are replaced, and some increased lighting during the intermittent night works.

The project team will endeavour to minimise disruption and inconvenience to the local community during these works.

Wharf Street will remain open while works are undertaken on span 3, with the scaffolding and encapsulation system designed to maintain vehicle and pedestrian access underneath this span. However, for safety provisions and due to the location of some temporary scaffolding footings, the section of footpath and road passing underneath span 3 will be temporarily reduced to minimum permissible widths for the duration of the works on this span.

For safety reasons, the metered car park in Wharf Street has been closed while works are carried out on the three spans overhead. In addition, a project site office and lay-down area has been established within the car park to support the onsite project team.

Bridge strengthening works

As part of the Story Bridge restoration project Stage 1, intermittent night works will commence on span 4 (Wharf Street to the Multicultural Centre) from 7 December 2020. Intermittent night works will occur between 9pm and 5am Sunday to Thursday and continue through to mid-2021, weather and site conditions permitting.

These works involve removing and replacing existing steel plates and fixings which have corroded. While a majority of these works are being carried out during the day, some works are required to be undertaken at night, when traffic on the overhead bridge structure is lowest. While every effort will be made to minimise disturbances to local residents and businesses, properties in close proximity to the works may experience noise from power tools while steel components and fixings are replaced, and some increased lighting when night works occur.

Captain Burke Park

In mid-October 2020 an additional site compound was established in a section of Captain Burke Park located directly beneath the Story Bridge, between the bridge piers. This area has been fenced, with the rest of the park available to the community.

This site compound will be used as an additional lay down area to store equipment and materials required for the restoration project and other upcoming maintenance projects planned for the bridge, such the replacement of concrete footpath sections on the bridge structure, construction of new maintenance platforms, and minor safety upgrades and concrete remedial works. 

While detailed timings of these maintenance projects and future stages of the Story Bridge restoration project have not yet been determined, Council will continue to provide further information as the project progresses and the staging and timing of future works are confirmed.

More information

For more information about the Story Bridge restoration project, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 565 930
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Story Bridge Restoration Project
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001
Last updated: 5 February 2021