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Kenmore parks

Find the location of parks in Kenmore and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Akuna Street Park 56 Akuna Street Barbecue (electric), picnic area, playground, revegetation site (Cubberla Creek), shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap)
Bozzato Place Park 118 Bozzato Place   
Cromarty Street Park (Misty Morn Park) 22 Kingussie Street Playground, water (bubbler/tap) 
Dumbarton Drive Park 113 Kilkivan Avenue Playground (Fortrose Street), rehabilitation site (Lower Moggill Bushcare Group), water (bubbler/tap)
Gubberley Street Park 1A Fairholme Street Restoration site (Gubberley Creek Bushcare Group) 
Henry Clarkson Park 97 Marshall Lane Water (bubbler/tap)
Katunga Street Park 12 Katunga Street Restoration site (Guardians of Little Gubberley Creek) 
Kenmore Reserve (Gubberley Creek Lands) 1076 Moggill Road Kenmore Guides, Kenmore District Kindergarten, car park
Kilkivan Avenue Park (North) 148 Kilkivan Avenue   
Kilkivan Avenue Park (South) 110 Kilkivan Avenue   
Kingfisher Park 160 Gem Road Barbecue (wood), picnic area, playground, soccer facility (Kenmore Churches), water (bubbler/tap)
Marland Street Park 74 Marland Street  
Moggill Road Park (no.2231) 2231 Moggill Road  
Palm Street Park 60 Palm Street Picnic area, playground, water (bubbler/tap) 
Parkway Place Park 6 Evergreen Close  
Pike Place Park 9A Brookfield Road  
Rowena Street Park (no.36) 36 Rowena Street Water (bubbler/tap)
Scenic Road Park (no.40) 40 Scenic Road  
Scenic Road Park (no.67) 67 Scenic Road Yarawa Pony Club 
Sunset Road Park 88 Sunset Road  
Twilight Street Park 103 Sunset Road Barbecue (wood), dog off-leash, half court, picnic area, water (bubbler/tap)
Wal Cocking Park (Kenmore Village Park) 2053 Moggill Road Bike rack, picnic area, shared pathway, water (bubbler)
Wallawa Street 54A Kersley Road Restoration site (Guardians of Little Gubberley Creek), shared pathway 


04 October 2018