Scooter track initiative

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce it is building new scooter tracks for Kathleen Street Park in Richlands, Paul Conti Park in Hemmant and Wittonga Park in The Gap.

This initiative is part of Council’s commitment to enhancing and maintaining more than 2100 parks across the city.

Initiative summary

This table includes project information for the Scooter track initiative including address, ward, project outcomes and latest update.
Address Kathleen Street Park, Richlands; Paul Conti Park, Hemmant; Wittonga Park, The Gap
Ward Forest Lake (Kathleen Street Park); Doboy (Paul Conti Park); The Gap (Wittonga Park)
Project outcomes Deliver three new scooter tracks for Brisbane
Latest updates Project is in draft design phase

About the initiative

Brisbane City Council is creating more to see and do in a city that is clean and green, so you can enjoy Brisbane’s beautiful climate while connecting with the people and places that make our city great.

Based on the award-winning scooter track design in Kedron’s Bradbury Park, Council is building new scooter tracks in Kathleen Street Park, Paul Conti Park and Wittonga Park to create more recreational opportunities for the community.

As Richlands, Hemmant, The Gap and surrounding areas continue to grow, it is important to ensure that our parks continue to meet the recreational needs of residents and visitors, and Council is looking to enhance and diversify the recreational opportunities in these popular green spaces to ensure they cater to a broad spectrum of the community.

Kathleen Street Park, Paul Conti Park and Wittonga Park each currently serve as a hub of active opportunities for groups and individuals within the community, and Council will continue to support these groups and facilities so they can maintain an active presence in the park.

Initiative timing

The scooter track projects are currently in the draft design phase. Council is aiming to have finalised designs for each track by early 2022 and begin construction in mid-2022. Council plans to finish construction on all three tracks by December 2022, weather, supply availability and site conditions permitting.

More information

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Last updated: 19 October 2021

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