Citywide amendment - Planning scheme policies - Amendment package O

Brisbane is a great place to live, work and relax. To ensure our friendly and liveable city continues to thrive and Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) remains effective and up-to-date, Brisbane City Council proposed amendments to some of its citywide planning requirements with Amendment package O (proposed amendment package).

This amendment became effective in City Plan on 8 December 2023 as part of City Plan amendment v29.00/2023.

City Plan includes Planning scheme policies (PSP) to provide further information, guidance and advice to the development industry about how to achieve the outcomes in development codes.

The proposed amendment package included the following PSP changes:

  • Updates to the Air quality PSP to include a new air dispersion model as an option for preparing an air quality report in complex built environments.
  • Update the guidance in the Management plans PSP on dust emission sources and control measures to be considered when preparing a noise, vibration and dust management plan.
  • Update the Refuse PSP to:
    • amend the format of the PSP and include supporting information to clarify standards for access, manoeuvrability and clearances for refuse collection vehicles
    • quantify non-residential refuse requirements including new service frequency requirements and refuse generation rates
    • amend service vehicle requirements for certain development types in the Transport, access, parking and servicing PSP to ensure refuse collection vehicles can be accommodated on site.
  • Update the Transport, access parking and servicing PSP to remove a redundant parking standard.

The proposed amendment package followed the process for making or amending a planning scheme policy as outlined in the Queensland Government’s Minister's Guidelines and Rules.

Council endorsed the amendment with changes following a review of submissions and adopted the amendment on 14 November 2023. The amendment became effective on 8 December 2023.

Community consultation

The amendment package was open for public consultation from 10 July to 7 August 2023.

Following careful consideration of submissions received during the public consultation period, Council endorsed the proposed amendment with changes on 14 November 2023. A summary of the matters raised in submissions and a response for how these were considered is included in the consultation report.

Download the consultation report:

Public consultation documents

The full details of the proposed amendment can be found in City Plan online.

You can download a copy of the public notice about this proposed amendment:

Air quality planning scheme policy

The Air quality PSP provides information, guidance and advice for the preparation of an air quality impact report including the health risk assessment criteria and methodology, where required to support a development application.

Changes to the Air quality PSP included a new specialist approved air quality model, Graz Lagrangian Model (GRAL model), as an option for preparing an air quality impact report.

The inclusion of the GRAL model and usage guidance will provide the preferred model for air quality modelling in complex built environments, such as proposed residential developments near pollution sources or development encroaching on tunnel stacks.

Management plans planning scheme policy

The Management plans PSP provides guidance on the preparation of management plans, including noise, vibration and dust impact management plans.

Changes to the Management plans PSP included updating dust emission sources and control measures for consideration when preparing a noise, vibration and dust impact management plan. The changes provide further detail to specify vehicle and plant exhaust as a source of dust and will ensure that these aspects are considered in the evaluation of pollution sources.

Refuse planning scheme policy

The Refuse PSP provides information, guidance and advice to satisfy assessment benchmarks for the provision of adequate and appropriate refuse collection services and facilities for development.

Changes to the Refuse PSP included: 

  • new refuse collection frequency rates for non-residential development according to zone
  • new refuse generation rates according to activity use
  • minor changes to the PSP structure and additions to improve the readability, reflect the intent, and alignment with other City Plan sections, in particular the Transport, access, parking and servicing planning scheme policy.

Transport, access, parking and servicing planning scheme policy

Changes to the Transport, access, parking and servicing PSP:

  • Table 1 – development type – minimum standard design service vehicle – changes to the design vehicle to a Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV) for some development types. The change ensures certain development types can achieve the required height clearances to accommodate an RCV.
  • Table 14 – car parking standards in all other cases – removal of the redundant car parking rate for a multiple dwelling for aged persons or persons with disabilities. The rate was rarely applied and reduced car parking rates can be considered as a performance outcome on an application and where justified with supporting evidence


Early 2023Preparation and drafting of the amendment package
16 May 2023Council proposed to amend City Plan
10 July - 7 August 2023Public consultation included an opportunity to have your say on the proposed changes
14 November 2023Council adoption
8 December 2023Amendment effective in City Plan

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More information

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  • email the project team
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888
  • write to:
    Strategic Planning (Amendment package O)
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane QLD 4001.
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