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Indooroopilly parks

Find the location of parks in Indooroopilly and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Carinya Street Park 27 Tatong Street Barbecues (wood and electric), half court, picnic area, playground, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap) 
Essex Road Park 12 Essex Road Fitness station, netball facility, picnic area, playground, water (bubbler/tap) 
Finney Road Park 24 Finney Road  
Foxton Street Park (no. 41A) 37 Foxton Street  
Glencairn Avenue Park 35 Glencairn Avenue  
Handel Street Park 78 Handel Street Restoration site (St Lucia Esplanade Bushcare Group), riverwalk
Indooroopilly Ferry Reserve 12 Radnor Street  
Jacaranda Place Reserve 105 Jacaranda Place  
Jack Speare Park (Indooroopilly Recreation Reserve) 108 Fairley Street Car park, shared pathway (Jack Speare Bikeway), soccer facility(Taringa Rovers), sporting fields, water (bubblers/taps) 
Keating Park 60 Stamford Road Indooroopilly Senior Citizens Club, barbecue (electric), picnic area, playground, war memorial, water (bubblers/taps)
Kennewell Park 648 Moggill Road Playground
Mansfield Park (road reserve) 1 Gilgandra Street Playground (Gilgandra Street), water (bubbler)
Meiers Road Park 63 Meiers Road  
Meiers Road Park (road reserve) 293 Meiers Road  
Moore Park 27 Russell Terrace Car parking, barbecue (wood), half court, picnic area, playground, restoration site (Moore Park Bushcare Group, Taringa Parade Bushcare Group), sporting facility (George Watt Oval), toilet, water (bubbler/tap)
Rainbow Forest Park (Rainbow Forest) 48 Dobell Street Fitness station (Dobell Street), half court (Dobell Street), junior cycle training tracks next to the playground, picnic area, playground (Dobell Street), shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap) 
Rankin Street Park 26 Rankin Street
Sir John Chandler Park (Bougainvillea Gardens, Thomas Park)
151 Harts Road Indooroopilly Golf Club, Bougainvillea Gardens and Thomas Park, barbecue (wood), boating facility (boat ramp/pontoon), dog off-leash area (near end of Meiers Road), picnic area, playground, toilet, water (taps/fountain)
Taringa Parade Park 431 Moggill Road Picnic area
Vera Street Park 118 Witton Road  
Witton Barracks Park 9 Lambert Road Read about the Witton Barracks Park project.
Witton Road Park (no.209)
Prior to accessing the park, contact the Indooroopilly Canoe Club
209 Witton Road Indooroopilly Canoe Club, barbecue (wood)
Witton Road Park (no.160-162) 160 Witton Road  


10 May 2017