Using or closing a road or footpath | Brisbane City Council

Using or closing a road or footpath

You need a permit for certain activities on Brisbane City Council’s footways and roads, and for constructing driveways.

A footway is commonly known as a nature strip or road reserve. It is the strip of land from the front property boundary to the kerb and channel and includes the footpath.    

Using a road or footway

You need to apply for a permit to work on a road or footway to construct a residential driveway.

Find out how to apply for other work on a road or footpath including:

  • construct commercial driveways
  • construct or repair a footpath
  • placement of a planter box on the footway
  • deposit equipment and materials on the footway, including landscaping supplies, shipping containers, industrial bin, building materials, mini-skips, vehicles, machinery and temporary fences
  • crossover kerb and channel
  • excavate roadway or footway
  • connect to Council stormwater drainage
  • use of footway for temporary stall
  • hoarding and gantry
  • display or storage of good on roadway or footway.

Occupying a road or footway

Companies need approval for a construction work zone (construction loading zone) or a temporary lane/road closure.

A partial road closure with no obstruction to resident access does not require a notice to be provided to local residents.

A partial or full road closure which in any way restricts access, and/or where works are being completed overnight or on weekends, requires a notice to be issued to residents at least 48 hours prior to the event.

When a company applies to Council to undertake road works, Council assesses the impact this could have on the road network based on traffic volumes at all times of the day. Full road or lane closures are only allowed during periods of low traffic.

Activities not permitted on roads and footpaths

The Health, Safety and Amenity Local Law 2009 does not allow certain activities on Council roads. It is prohibited at all times to:

  • camp (defined as physically setting up a camp, caravan or tent, and the act of sleeping in a vehicle) overnight on a road or road related area
  • carry out vehicle maintenance on a road, except for minor emergency repairs, such as changing a battery or tyre.

Permanent lane or road closure

If you want to permanently close a road:

  1. Contact the Queensland State Government to make a permanent road closure application.
  2. The department will advise you of their process and fees.
  3. The department will then forward the application to Council for Council's view on the application. It may also seek views from other agencies it may think are relevant.  
  4. Council will assess the permanent road closure application and provide its final position to the department. Council will charge you a fee of $1575.90 for doing this.
  5. The department will make the final decision about the permanent road closure application.
  6. The department will communicate its final decision to you.    

If you are unsure whether you need a permit, you can find out more by contacting Council.

Verge gardens

Council is making it easier for residents to set up your own verge garden on your street verge. The Verge garden guidelines assists residents on what is required to establish your garden.

26 October 2018