Barbecues in parks

Brisbane City Council has barbecues in over 370 parks and natural areas throughout Brisbane. Park barbecues are either wood, electric or gas. Barbecues are cleaned regularly, with barbecue wood stocks replenished on an as needs basis.

Find a park with a barbecue

Find a park with a barbecue for your next gathering by:

  • selecting a region of Brisbane to help narrow your search or using the 'search by postcode' function; and/or 
  • using the navigation and zoom in or zoom out buttons on the map

View the barbecue locations as a map, list or table by using the view drop-down at the top of the map. Select a red icon to find out more about a park or reserve, including location, facilities and events information.

Each park/reserve included on the map has at least one picnic table and/or picnic shelter.

Last updated:29 April 2019