Construction work zone

A construction work zone (commonly referred to as just “works zone”) is a designated section of kerbside road, and road space used specifically for the purpose of facilitating works at a construction site. 

Works zone are signed by Council and  enable the space to be used exclusively by the company during the allocated times.

Work zones do not allow the applicant to park vehicles in the designated area for purposes other than loading and unloading equipment. Any offending vehicle can be issued with a fine.

When a works zone is required

A works zone may be used (subject to approval) for the following situations:

  • the project requires regular loading and unloading of materials for a long period of time
  • the construction is the length of the property
  • there is limited property access
  • the road frontage has dedicated usage such as paid parking, bus zone, taxi zone, shared bikeways or commercial loading zones, requiring relocations if suitable and approved
  • temporary long term changes to road configuration

Work zones can work in conjunction with other activities as part of an overall construction management plan, considered within development approvals. Additional permits will be required. For example a temporary lane or road closure can be used to close an additional lane or shoulder around your works zone for a specific, short term activity such as a concrete pour or crane lift. There may also be the need to implement a works zone where the closure or occupation of the footpath (e.g. with fencing or a gantry) prevents the use of the kerbside for public vehicles.  

Complete the Application/notice to work on Council property online form for any of these activities.


Construction work zones are split into 4 fee types:

  • Assessment fee for construction work zone
  • Fee for installation and removal of construction work zone
  • Monthly charge each lineal metre of kerb length for full length from 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday
  • Monthly charge each lineal metre of kerb length for full length from 6.30pm to 6.30am Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday. 

Please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges for current rates.

The chargeable length relates to the full length of area being utilised and removed from public road operations, irrespective of previous kerbside allocation types, and applies to the full period of time public road operations are altered.

If the works zone restricts the operations of paid parking, applicants will be required to reimburse Council for lost parking revenue. Email On-Street Parking Services for further information in relation to paid parking costs.

The standing of heavy vehicles, multiple deliveries and tight manoeuvring can cause excessive wear and tear to infrastructure. Council officers may direct the works zone applicant or primary beneficiary of the works zone to repair or reimburse Council for the cost of repair of any damage caused by the construction activities. 

How to apply

Please complete and submit an online application for Temporary road occupation and tick the box for construction work zone, at least 6 weeks ahead of your required start date. 

After your application has been assessed you will be sent a Payment Letter of Acceptance with a breakdown of costs. If you wish to proceed, simply sign and return the letter.

If Council does not receive a signed acceptance within 20 working days, the application is assumed withdrawn and no further action is required. This usually indicates different construction methodologies have been found, that prevent the need to occupy public space.

Any requests to amend the end date of a construction work zone must be submitted at least two weeks in advance to facilitate assessments, administration and works activities to occur.

More information

For further information on construction work zones phone Council's Business Hotline on 133BNE (133 263).

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