Citywide amendment - rooftop gardens and landscaped greenspace - Major amendment package G

Brisbane is a great place to live, work and relax. To ensure our friendly and liveable city continues to thrive and Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) remains effective and up-to-date, Brisbane City Council has adopted changes to some of its citywide provisions with the rooftop gardens and landscaped greenspace amendment (Major amendment package G).

This amendment became effective in City Plan on 27 May 2022 as part of City Plan Amendment v24.00/2022.

Through amendments to City Plan, Council ensures planning decisions continue to reflect principles developed with community input, including creating and protecting greenspace.

The amendment included changes across a range of citywide provisions to:

  • encourage the provision of rooftop gardens by allowing those that achieve required standards to be excluded from the calculation of maximum number of storeys in medium to high density locations supporting residential, commercial and mixed use multi-storey developments
  • ensure rooftop gardens are integrated in the overall design of buildings, support a green building appearance and enhance the presentation and visual amenity of rooftops and the skyline
  • ensure where landscaping is proposed in rooftop gardens and other artificial growing environments (such as green roofs and green walls on buildings), City Plan standards are appropriate to ensure the successful delivery, maintenance and performance of landscaping over the long term.

This amendment package followed the ‘major amendment’ process as outlined in the Queensland Government's Minister's Guidelines and Rules. 

Council endorsed the amendment with changes following a review of submissions and referred the amendment to the Queensland Government for consideration to adopt. Council adopted the amendment on 22 March 2022, and the amendment became effective on 27 May 2022.

Community consultation

The amendment package was open for public consultation from 16 November to 13 December 2020.

Following careful consideration of submissions received during the public consultation period, Council endorsed the proposed amendment with changes on 23 November 2021. The changes included:

  • changes and additions to the Rooftop garden administrative definition in Schedule 1 to increase the maximum combined total footprint of roofed structures to 40% and exclude lift shaft and stairway from the calculation of roofed and enclosed structures.  
  • additional updates to the name of the Landscape design guidelines for water conservation planning scheme policy to the Landscape design planning scheme policy.

A summary of the matters raised and a response for how these have been considered has been included in the consultation report.

Download the consultation report:

Download the full details of the proposed amendment prior to consultation: 

Changes to the following parts of City Plan were proposed and consulted on:

  • Rules about determination of maximum building height
  • Centre or mixed use code
  • Multiple dwelling code
  • Retirement and residential care facility code
  • Brisbane City Council administrative definitions
  • Filling and excavation code
  • Landscape work code
  • Landscape design guidelines for water conservation planning scheme policy.


Timeline of project milestones
11 September 2018Council proposed to amend City Plan
September 2018 - October 2019Drafting of the amendment package
October 2019 - February 2020Queensland Government review
16 November - 13 December 2020Public consultation including an opportunity to have your say on the proposed changes
Late 2021Final Queensland Government review
27 May 2022Amendment commenced in Brisbane City Plan 2014

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More information

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  • phone Council on 3403 8888
  • write to:
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