Topics: new farm

Council has completed a new river hub at New Farm Park as part of Council's commitment to improving access to the Brisbane River for residents and visitors.

Council has completed works to revitalise the riverfront (promenade) path, park amenity and improve wayfinding at New Farm Park.

Council has consulted with the community community to help inform planning for future conservation management in New Farm Park.

Council is taking action to make our suburban streets safer and more accessible for all. In response to concerns raised by the local community, Council undertook a traffic study in the Teneriffe, Newstead and New Farm areas. 

Starting in the historic area of Teneriffe and following the river down to the Brisbane Powerhouse and New Farm Park, the New Farm ride is up there as one of Brisbane's most beautiful rides.

Renewing Great Brisbane Gardens project will revitalise two of the city’s iconic gardens, New Farm Park and the River Terrace parklands at Kangaroo Point. Both parks will be upgraded and enhanced to be more attractive to users and visitors. Find out more.