Information for existing food licensees

If you are an existing food business licensee you can find out about renewals and the approval processes for renovations and licence amendments. Find out how to lodge a Food Safety Supervisor Notification and see if you are required to have a Food Safety Program accredited with Council. Check if your Eat Safety rating qualifies you for a self audit or use of the Eat Safe Brisbane logo.


Food Safety Supervisors

All licensed food premises must have an approved food safety supervisor. Lodge a Food Safety Supervisor Notification or Amendment.


Food Safety Program

Caterers and certain other food businesses are required to have a Food Safety Program accredited with Council.


Eat Safe Brisbane

A food business can receive stars to show their levels of food safety. Council will conduct audits and all food businesses must also complete an annual self audit. Find details on star ratings and how you can conduct a self audit.


Renewals and licence withdrawals

Find out the process and fees for licence renewals and what to do if you want to withdraw your food business licence.


Renovations and licence amendments

Update your contact details and find out what is required if you want to renovate the premises, change food services offered or move the business.


Inspection report request

If you need to demonstrate compliance for an insurance or bank application, you can request an inspection report outlining the current compliance status of the premises/activity.

Complete the Inspection Report Request online application and make payment with Visa or Mastercard.