Brisbane Parking Taskforce

In June 2014, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk established the independent Brisbane Parking Taskforce (the Taskforce) to advise Council how to respond to parking issues and to best manage on-street parking in the future. The Parking Guide to Brisbane was updated as a result of this Taskforce. 

The Taskforce included representatives from RACQ, P&C’s Queensland, National Retail Association, Multicap, Taxi Council Queensland, Transport Workers Union, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, Parking Australia and Brisbane Transport.

The Brisbane Parking Taskforce delivered its report in December 2014. As of June 2017, all 55 recommendations in the Parking Taskforce Report have been implemented, with a status of completed or incorporated into a range of outcomes now being progressed as separate funded projects. 

Parking Taskforce Report 

The Taskforce reviewed more than 1100 submissions from residents, schools and businesses and recommended a number of changes to Council’s parking policies and practices.

Recommendations included:

  • free 15 minute parking in 7715 metered parking spaces outside of the CBD, and 1100 spaces in Council’s King George Square and Wickham Terrace car parks (CBD), to improve access to local shops and promote economic growth
  • a fast online parking permit system to simplify and streamline the parking permit application process
  • a freeze on residential parking permit fees
  • residents of new multi-unit developments and student accommodation lodged after 31 March 2015 will not be eligible for resident or visitor parking permits
  • investment in integrated parking technology, such as parking sensors and mobile phone applications, to help motorists pre-plan their parking
  • improved parking signage for traffic areas and loading zones, and a trial of parking schedule signage to make it easier for motorists to identify on street parking spaces
  • enhanced parking management around schools and in residential areas to improve safety and access to parking.

The full list of 55 recommendations is available in the Parking Taskforce Report. Download this report in your preferred format:

Parking Guide to Brisbane

Council completed recommendation 54 of the Parking Review Report to update and fully revise the Parking Guide to Brisbane.

The guide contains information on parking restrictions, parking permit areas, paid parking, park 'n' ride, special use parking, parking around schools, enforcement and a detailed map of parking areas in Brisbane.

Download the Parking Guide to Brisbane brochure in your preferred format:

A hard copy of this brochure was distributed to all Brisbane residents with the November 2016 edition of Council's Living in Brisbane e-newsletter. You can view a copy online or request an additional copy of the brochure by phoning Council on 07 3403 8888.

Additionally you may like to view the full guide, which provides further detail to help you understand parking restrictions, permit parking areas, special use parking, paid parking, park’n’ride, parking around schools and parking enforcement. 

The full Parking Guide to Brisbane can also be downloaded in the following languages:

Last updated:2 May 2019
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