Topics: parking

Council offers a range of parking permits to assist residents and their visitors in accessing adequate on-street parking. 

Council offers a range of accessible ways for eligible residents to apply for, or renew, a parking permit through the online permit system. 

Council works with residents, businesses and local communities to take real action toward creating balanced on-street parking resources for everyone in our local area to use. As part of this, Council has introduced a digital parking permit system to replace the existing paper-based system.

Passenger set down and pick up zones are available in Brisbane City. The locations of these zones can change over time. Check local signs to make sure you do not park illegally.

Commercial loading zones are used around Brisbane where a high number of businesses are located, but street parking is limited. 

Council regulates vehicle parking in Brisbane to ensure residents have access to on-street parking across the city. 

Council uses parking meters across the inner city to regulate parking where on-street parking is in high demand. Find out information about parking meters and fees.

Read the Brisbane Parking Taskforce recommendation. The taskforce was established to respond to parking issues and to look at options for managing on-street parking.

Find a list of all Regulated Parking Permit Scheme Areas and the specific regulations for each area. If you live within a Regulated Parking Permit Scheme Area, you may be eligible to apply for a permit.