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Brisbane City Council's Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium features entertaining and informative shows for adults and children. All general audience and children's shows include two parts - the main feature and a tour of Brisbane's night sky by the Planetarium's astronomers. Bookings are recommended. The Planetarium is closed on Mondays and public holidays. View the opening hours.

Show schedule

On this page, you will find a display of all shows, in calendar order. To see all Planetarium shows for a specific date or date range, or to see a specific show, filter your search. Alternatively, you can choose a show from the list below. You can also find out what's on on Friday nights at the Planetarium.  

General audience shows 
Bella GaiaCapturing the Cosmos | Cosmic Collisions | Dark Universe | Moons: Worlds of Mystery | Passport to the UniverseSaturday Night 'Live' |  | Starlight | Stories in the StarsTales of a Time TravelerWe Are Aliens!
Children's shows
Perfect Little Planet | The Little Star That CouldSecret of the Cardboard Rocket | Tycho to the Moon

There are currently no events to display. For more events checkout What's on in Brisbane.
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12 March 2019