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Intersection upgrades - South Brisbane and CBD

As part of Brisbane Metro, Council will upgrade a number of intersections in South Brisbane and the CBD. These improvements will help manage traffic changes on Victoria Bridge and ensure cross-river connections, particularly William Jolly Bridge, are easy and convenient to access.

To provide stakeholders with information about the changes, concept plans for the intersection upgrades have been developed. Council will continue to work with stakeholders to finalise the designs prior to works commencing in 2019.

The intersection of Melbourne Street and Grey Street will also be upgraded as part of the main construction works for Brisbane Metro at South Brisbane, planned to start in 2020.

Peel Street and Cordelia Street intersection

Council will reconfigure lanes on Peel Street outbound to create separate through and right turn lanes at the intersection to help traffic flow efficiently through the intersection.

The upgrade will also involve improving the grade and condition of pavement in the Peel Street inbound lanes near the intersection.

Peel Street and Merivale Street intersection

Council will modify lane configurations around the intersection to offer additional left turn capacity from Peel Street into Merivale Street and make changes to signal phasing across Merivale Street to remove pedestrian conflicts and improve safety.

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Peel Street, Grey Street and Stanley Place intersection

This proposed upgrade will include:

  • constructing a new left turn slip lane from William Jolly Bridge into Stanley Place
  • reconfiguring the road alignment on Stanley Place to create an additional right turn lane onto Grey Street and increase vehicle storage capacity
  • extending the length of the right turn pocket on Grey Street northbound
  • repositioning the in-island right turn storage to align with the car park exit
  • changing traffic signal phasing to increase green time and improve intersection efficiency, particularly for event traffic
  • realigning pedestrian crossings and changing crossing signal arrangements to improve pedestrian safety
  • constructing bike ramps on Grey Street to improve the cycling transition to and from the William Jolly Bridge.

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Skew Street and Upper Roma Street intersection

Council will extend the length of the turning lanes on Skew Street and implement new landscaping in the traffic island on Skew Street to improve sight lines.

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09 January 2019