City of Lights

Brisbane City Council's City of Lights initiative aims to activate the city, bring people together to celebrate our enviable lifestyle, support small businesses and create a strong local economy.

Lighting and projection outcomes can support events, create a unique identity for Brisbane and introduce elements of surprise and discovery enhancing the city experience for residents and visitors.

Find out about the lighting up of other Council assets including Story Bridge, Brisbane City Hall and William Jolly Bridge. 

City of Lights Strategy 2017

Brisbane City Council recognises that in order to deliver a holistic City of Lights, it is essential for property owners and developers to consider creative lighting for buildings and developments.

The City of Lights Strategy 2017 has been developed to assist property owners and the development industry in preparing plans for creative lighting on new developments and existing buildings in Brisbane.

Download the:

Creative Lighting Grant Scheme

To encourage creative lighting of private properties, Council has developed the City of Lights - Creative Lighting Grant scheme.

The scheme has been developed to financially assist private property owners to deliver creative lighting outcomes for their buildings and assets through monetary grants, and encourage a collaborative city lighting approach to enable more lighting installations to activate the city.

Find out more about the Creative Lighting Grant Scheme.

Lighting up our assets

Decorative lighting has been installed on local assets, such as buildings, bridges and trees to highlight our city and its features, to create an exciting, vibrant city at night.

Find out about the lighting of Council assets including Story Bridge, Brisbane City Hall and William Jolly Bridge. 

Brisbane City Council has installed lighting in the locations included in the map and table below.

City of Lights map

City of Lights table

This table provides information on lighting on council assets including project, suburb and description.
Project Suburb Description
Moorlands Park Auchenflower Bud lighting installed in a prominent fig tree.
City Botanic Gardens domain Brisbane City Energy efficient LED bud lighting to two fig trees at the City Botanic Gardens domain area adjacent the Goodwill Bridge. The bud lighting of the expansive tree canopy showcases Brisbane's treasured Botanic Gardens while providing an inviting, vibrant and exciting gateway to the gardens, CBD and South Bank areas. This stunning night time activation enriches the experience for visitors and locals, pedestrians and commuters.   

King George Square

  • Commonwealth Bank Building
  • Hitachi Building, 239 George Street
Brisbane City Programmable colour-changing lighting installed on top of City Hall aimed to wash the King George Square facing façades of the Commonwealth Bank building at 79 Adelaide Street and Hitachi Building at 239 George Street. The colourful façades add to the vibrant atmosphere of King George Square as an engaging night-time destination and exciting event space.
Queen Street Brisbane City  Installation of new wire suspended warm golden festoon lights to the wires suspended over Queen Street between Edward and Creek streets.
Reddacliff Place Brisbane City 15 geodesic spheres ranging in size from 1.3 metres to 2.6 metres in diameter, internally lit with colour changes light. Artwork is Steam by Donna Marcus (2006).
Victoria Bridge Brisbane City 236 economical LED light fittings have been installed under the footpath. These lights can be programmed for variable displays similar to Story Bridge and Brisbane City Hall.
William Jolly Bridge - underside Brisbane City Programmable colour-changing lighting installed at the base of the William Jolly Bridge at Montague Road, South Brisbane. The lighting can be programmed to produce a warm white light to accentuate the features of this important historic bridge.
All Hallows School, Ann Street Gateway project Fortitude Valley Energy efficient uplighting of the State heritage listed tuff stone Gatekeepers Lodge/Almonry building facade and the column arched gateway entrance along the Ann Street All Hallows School boundary.
Beirne Lane (off Brunswick Street Mall) Fortitude Valley

Priscilla Bracks' and Gavin Sade's, You Are My Sunshine, celebrates the area's early 20th-century history as Brisbane's epicentre of fashion, lighting the lane with the elegance and style of an Art Deco sconce and adorning the building like a jewel. Past and present are fused by interactive sensor technology that triggers twinkling light for passers-by.

The artwork's title is derived from the once-popular song of the era. Please don't take my sunshine away hints at the fragility of the cultural heritage embodied in architecture, such as the T. C. Beirne building.

An etching pattern by the artists also features in the laneway. The repeated ground plane pattern is inspired by mosaic and geometric Art Deco tiles.

Breakfast Creek Road, Ann Street and Wickham Street Fortitude Valley Programmable colour-changing up lighting installed at the base of six Queensland Kauri Pines located in the median strip at the intersection of Breakfast Creek Road, Ann Street and Wickham Street. The lighting creates a visually exciting night-time gateway into the Valley entertainment precinct .
East Street Fortitude Valley Bud lighting in a fig tree at the corner of Ann and East streets to complement bud lights previously installed by a private property owner on the opposite side of East Street.
Bowen Park Herston

Bud lighting in a pine tree and fig tree on the edge of Bowen Park in Herston. The bud lighting creates an ongoing spectacular visual outcome and gateway into the city and Valley along Bowen Bridge Road, while also turning the park into a stunning night time venue. Combined with the recently upgraded band stand, the park is now well-suited as an evening wedding venue.

To enquire about booking Bowen Park phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Captain Burke Park Kangaroo Point

Bud lighting to the feature fig tree at the end of the main axis pathway at Captain Burke Park in Kangaroo Point. The bud lighting acts as a beacon highlighting the parks landmark peninsula location on the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point.  The spectacular visual outcome contributes to an enchanting night time space and stunning backdrop for celebrations and events. With great views from within the park as well as across the river, the bud lighting of the fig tree contributes to Brisbane as a vibrant and inviting night time destination.

To enquire about booking Captain Burke Park phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

E.E. McCaskie Oval Kelvin Grove

Bud lighting has been installed to a prominent fig tree, located between the open lawn and playground. In addition, there are also lawn and tree canopy projections to compliment the tree bud lighting.

The tree canopy projection is on a tree located adjacent to the open lawn (Kelvin Grove Road side). The projected imagery reflects the more significant cultural uses the parkland has seen over its long history. The image also recognises the oval’s history as a sports venue, the parks contribution to amateur cycling, as well as paying tribute to the oval’s association with travelling circus companies. The lawn projection is located directly underneath the tree canopy projection, and the projection references the form of a velodrome. The oval was extensively developed as an amateur cycling track in the 1950s and was officially renamed E. E. McCaskie Oval after the father of amateur cycling in Queensland.
Kenmore Gateway, Moggill Road Kenmore Energy efficient uplighting to three Hill's fig trees in the road reserve area, corner Moggill Road and Marshall Lane.
Moorvale Lane Moorooka

Catenary lighting with copper shades has been installed, which are a series of individual lights hanging from a single suspended wire. The laneway light pole has also been upgraded to an LED luminaire.

Bothwell Link Mount Gravatt

Featured illuminated artwork is installed on the laneway wall in neon script. The illuminated artwork, ‘The magic lies in the spaces between’ is by artist Courtney Coombs and features the artist’s handwriting. It measures 6000 mm x 1993 mm.

Two gobo lighting projection images also feature in the laneway space, with one image projected onto the laneway wall and the other onto the footpath.  Historical images of the local Mt Gravatt area are projected onto the laneway wall and graphic designed images emblematic of the local area are projected onto the ground. 

Projections currently featured include a historical image of a tram on Logan Road, Mt Gravatt from 1954 from the Brisbane City archive records, and an abstract image projection entitled ‘Sound of the Suburbs’. This projection merges a visual image of the texture of the feathers of the blue winged kookaburra, the feathers of the magpie and the fine lines of the cicada wings. 

Both gobo images will change periodically.
Newstead Park Newstead Newstead Park, located at a visually important peninsular at the mouth of Breakfast Creek and on a bend in the Brisbane River, is a State Heritage listed park and acts as grounds for Brisbane’s oldest surviving house, Newstead House. Features permanent programmable colour changing LED lighting to the main fig at the entry to Newstead House and the two mature trees that flank it. Newstead House is lit in warm white, enhancing the heritage features of the house while projection lighting on the lawn features designs created specifically to reflect qualities of the park and house.  The creative lighting provides a vibrant and festive park atmosphere for residents to enjoy; providing a night time presence that celebrates Newstead Park and its importance.  
Nundah Gateway, Nundah Village Nundah

Energy efficient uplighting to two Poinciana trees within the Woods Reserve, Sandgate Road, Nundah.

Sandgate Gateway, Rainbow Street Sandgate Energy efficient bud lighting to two Ficus Benjamina trees in the road reserve area, on the corner of Rainbow Street and Bowser Parade.
Stones Corner Library Stones Corner Energy-efficient LED bud lighting to the expansive canopy of the fig tree in the Stones Corner Library forecourt, as well as an upgrade of the furniture and garden bed adjacent to the heritage-listed air raid shelter. Bud lighting of this landmark tree creates a memorable creative lighting landscape feature through lighting for identity, and further provides an attractive gateway to Stones Corner.
Windsor corridor Windsor Installation of lighting to the State Heritage listed commemorative war memorial pavilion and adjacent fig tree canopy up lighting. Additionally, energy efficient LED bud lighting to a feature fig tree in Clark Park.
Wynnum West roundabout Wynnum Bud lighting of ten prominent Phoenix canariensis palm trees in the middle of the Preston and Wondall roads roundabout.

Further lighting projects are currently being investigated across the city.

Last updated:18 December 2019