Topics: smart connected brisbane

Council is trialling new devices to monitor usage and maintenance of free BBQ facilities in parks across the city.

The Brisbane Smart Poles project involves housing a range of sensors and devices on smart poles to collect data, transferring that data via a high bandwidth network to be analysed and to produce useful information that will help Council improve the operation and efficiency of the city.

Brisbane is joining a global tech movement, harnessing Internet of Things (IoT) technology to trial whether efficiencies and better-informed decisions can be made using sensors in the field.

Virtual fencing is an innovative technology that Council is using to prevent deer and other wildlife from running into the path of oncoming traffic after dark.

Brisbane City Council is committed to supporting a safer transport network through innovative road safety initiatives such as the popular Speed Awareness monitors (SAM) program.

The Brisbane Square Library book sorter automatically transports, checks-in, sorts and deposits returned items on trolleys, ready for staff to shelve.

Brisbane was the first city in Australia to implement a functional, large-scale Bluetooth monitoring system, allowing monitoring of our road network in real-time.

Council has harnessed the reach and engagement of digital and face-to-face communication, to maximise inclusivity across Brisbane’s culturally diverse population.