Council information and rates

Brisbane City Council provides a wide range of services. Find out how to make a payment, lodge a tender, attend a Council meeting or read Council minutes, petitions and latest publications.

This section also provides access to Council’s most popular forms and online applications and services

""Rates and payments

Council issues quarterly rate accounts. Find out how Council calculates rates and what discounts or remissions may be available to you. You can pay online, by phone, in person, or set up a direct debit for convenience.

""Find a Council job

Council offers a wide range of job types. Whether you are a school leaver, professional, working parent or tradesperson, we may have a position that suits your interests, lifestyle and career plans.

""News and publications

Council produces an annual, quarterly and financial reports, corporate plan and budget documents. Find these documents, media releases and Council budget programs. Council also produces media releases in other languages including Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Korean.


Selling to Council

Find out how to sell goods and services to Council, including information on tenders, quotes and procurement.


Members of the public can bring matters to Council's attention with petitions. Learn about petitions and how to request an ePetition.

Council businesses

Council operates with the aid of many businesses to provide an assortment of services. These include road construction, vehicle fleet maintenance, civil infrastructure, city parking, cemeteries, waste services and more.

""Council history

Brisbane City Council's first election was held in 1859. Find out more about Council's history and the significance of City Hall and King George Square.


Council has maps to help you find out information about Brisbane including bikeway maps, ward office locations, flood flag maps and walking trails.

""Popular forms

Council's most popular forms are available to download in PDF format. You can also apply online for a variety of Council applications.

""Lodge or apply online

Various applications and services can be processed online. Find out what applications and services are available.