Adopting an animal

If you’re thinking of bringing a new animal into your home, see what companion animals and livestock are available at the animal rehoming centres. Check back in a few days if you can't find the pet of your choice.

Due to dog capacity issues, Council’s Animal Rehoming Centres at Warra and Willawong will only be undertaking adoptions for animals, other than dogs, until further notice.

To view the animals available for adoption, you can visit the Animal Welfare League Queensland’s (AWLQ) website.

The staff at the animal rehoming centres will give you advice and assess if the animal is suitable for your circumstances.

Health check

All animals at Brisbane City Council's animal rehoming centres have had full health and behaviour checks, including:

  • desexing
  • vaccinating
  • worming 
  • microchipping.

Pet owner’s kit

When you adopt your pet, you will receive:

  • a desexing certificate 
  • vet treatment information.
Last updated:8 November 2019