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Brisbane sits on a flood plain which means flooding is possible. Brisbane City Council works to manage and reduce the risks of flooding to ensure our city remains safe and liveable. Find information on the likelihood and sources of flooding for your property and local area with our Flood Awareness Maps.  Read about Council's flood plans and find out how to protect your home and business from flooding.



Find information on Council's current flood initiatives, including Council's FloodSmart Future Strategy.

Find out how you can protect your house and family from flooding, including online tools and checklists.


Use our interactive house to understand risks associated with severe weather and to help you prepare for floods and storm season.

Use our online flooding tools, guide and checklist to prepare your business for flooding.

Council's online tools

Flood Awareness Maps 

Council's Flood Awareness Maps provide flood information for your suburb and surrounding area, including any local history of flooding. You can also watch a video to help you understand the sources of flooding that may affect your area.

FloodWise Property Report 

Council's free FloodWise Property Reports show the risk and type of flooding at a specific property. Use this information to plan and build new habitable floor levels in accordance with Council requirements.

Severe weather alerts

Get free early warning alerts about severe weather and creek flooding in your neighbourhood. Register to receive alerts by push notification, email, SMS or recorded message.

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