Eat Safe self-audit

If your food business has achieved a four or five star rating, you need to complete a self-audit once a year. You will receive an annual renewal fee discount regardless of whether or not you opted to display the Eat Safe Brisbane star rating. This self-audit ensures food preparation, storage, handling and cleaning at your premises continues to meet legislative requirements and good food safety management practices.

A self-audit notification will be mailed to you to remind you when the self-audit is required. 

How to conduct a self-audit

Use the Eat Safe Brisbane self-audit online form or the hard copy form to complete the audit. The online form is tablet and mobile-friendly, so you can move around your business as you inspect it. When you complete the form, a copy will automatically be sent to Council and you will be able to save a copy of your audit or enter your email address for a copy to be sent to you electronically.

Keep the audit copy at your food business at all times. A Council Environmental Health Officer may request to see it during unannounced inspections. 

Non-compliance identified during a self-audit

If you identify a non-compliance during your self-audit, you need to take action as quickly as possible to fix the issue. You should review your processes, procedures and staff training to determine why the non-compliance occurred and appropriate actions are taken to ensure it does not happen again.

Council will be notified as part of your online self-audit and an Environmental Health Officer will determine if further investigation is required.

Last updated: 1 July 2019