Standing street stall, booth, stand, vehicle or tables or chairs

If you want to set up or use a stall, booth, stand, tables and chairs (not associated with footpath dining) or stationary vehicle on or in a road, or stationary vehicle or on the footpath for commercial or promotional purposes, you will need written consent from Brisbane City Council.

For example, mobile food vendors wanting to base themselves in a roadside position require this consent in addition to their mobile food vehicle licence.

Find out about the Brisbane Food Trucks initiative.

When you need Council consent

You need Council consent if any of the following are set up or used in or on any road as part of any commercial or promotional activity:

  • stall
  • booth
  • stand
  • tables or chairs
  • stationary vehicle.


Approvals are renewable annually, and are valid for 12 months from the date issued.

The city is divided into zones for trading with each zone comprising the following locations:

Zone A

Zone A comprises of:

  • Brisbane City (not including Queen Street Mall).

Zone B

Zone B comprises of:

  • Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill
  • Racecourse Road, Hamilton
  • Given Terrace, Paddington
  • Oxford Street, Bulimba
  • Jephson Street, High Street and Sherwood Road, Toowong
  • Park Road, Milton
  • Logan Road, Stones Corner
  • Kedron Brook Road, Wilston
  • Boundary Street, West End.

Zone C

Zone C comprises of other areas.


As a general guide, fees that may apply for the 2022-23 financial year are set out below.

Table showing assessment fee and application fee.
Assessment and application Fee
Design requirement assessment $418.95
Standing vehicle application fee $345.70

Successful applications then pay an occupation fee based on the zone location and floor area used, which for the 2022-23 financial year are:

Table showing location and occupation fee.
Area Occupation fee per square metre
Zone A: Brisbane City (not including Queen Street Mall) $1300.65/m2
Zone B:
  • Fortitude Valley and Spring Hill
  • Racecourse Road, Hamilton
  • Given Terrace, Paddington
  • Oxford Street, Bulimba
  • Jephson Street, High Street and Sherwood Road, Toowong
  • Park Road, Milton
  • Logan Road, Stones Corner
  • Kedron Brook Road, Wilston
  • Boundary Street, West End
Zone C: other areas $649.65/m2

These fees do not attract GST.

How to apply

To apply for a standing vehicle, stall, booth, stand, tables or chairs consent:

  1. Prepare supporting documents for your online application, including:
    • plans to scale showing dimensions and distances to neighbouring properties and street furniture (maximum A3)
    • photograph/plan of standing vehicle/stall/booth/stand/tables or chairs to be used
    • photograph of proposed area
  2. Use the Application for Food Business Approvals online form and select the Commercial activity on a Council road application type to apply for standing vehicle/stall/booth/stand/tables/chairs consent online and pay with a Visa or Mastercard. Note that your proposal does not need to relate to a food business to use this online form to apply for Commercial activity on a Council road.
  3. The assessing Environmental Health Officer may also request the following information for consideration:
    • how will pedestrian safety be managed
    • how will customer queuing be managed.
  4. Successful applicants then pay an occupation fee based on the area and use.

After this step has been finalised, the Environmental Health Officer will issue the consent for the activity and trade can commence, subject to conditions.

Alternatively you can apply using the hard copy forms.

Considerations of approval

Applications for a Consent will be subject to the following considerations:

  • The vehicle is to be located where traffic hazards or interruption to free traffic movement is unlikely to occur.
  • Any application for a site on a state controlled road should be accompanied by a letter from the Department of Main Roads indicating approval to use the location for the proposed purpose.
  • Any permit will be issued to a single individual at a single specified location only.

Applications will not be approved if:

  • The site is located on a road to which abutting property is permitted access.
  • The site is near a school, shop, other approved standing vehicle or other approved outlet selling similar goods.
  • The use will create hazardous and/or nuisance situations.
  • The vehicle is located on a site where or at a time when standing of a vehicle would be unlawful.
  • The site is outside the Central Traffic Area and the vehicle cannot be located within the road reserve, at least 10 metres clear of the nearest traffic running lane and at least 50 metres clear of the nearest intersection.

Inspection request

If you are planning to purchase an existing business with a standing vehicle/stall/booth/stand/ tables or chairs approval or need to demonstrate compliance for an insurance or bank application, you can request an inspection report outlining the current compliance status of the premises/activity.

Complete the Inspection Report Request online application and make payment with Visa or Mastercard.

More information

The Local Government Toolbox provides helpful tools and resources for mobile food businesses.

For further information you can phone Council's Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Last updated: 25 July 2022

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