Laws and permits for businesses

If you run a business, you may need to apply for licences and permits from Brisbane City Council. You may also need planning and building approval to start or expand your business.

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Food business licences

If you are starting a new food business, or taking over an existing food business, you may need a food business licence. 

Advertising signs

Council is responsible for licencing and regulating outdoor advertising signs in Brisbane. Find out if your signs require a licence and how to apply if you need approval.

Story Bridge lit up at night

Light up Brisbane and hang a bridge banner

Some of Council's public buildings, bridges and other structures are available for themed coloured lighting or banners to help promote events or not-for-profit awareness.


Events, venues and filming

If you are planning a festival, event or market, operating an entertainment venue or amplified music venue, or filming or taking photos for commercial purposes, you may need a permit from Council.

Queen Street and Valley Malls management

Find the requirements for common mall activities, as well as information on our CitySafe CCTV network and malls' smoking ban.

Animal permits

Find out if you need an animal permit to keep cats and dogs, racehorses and livestock.

Work on roads and footways

You may need a permit to work or use Council property, such as roadways and footways, for activities such as constructing or repairing a driveway or footpath.

Personal appearance services licence

Personal appearance services include beauty therapy, body piercing, hairdressing and skin penetration services (tattooing, scarring and implanting substances). 

Student rooming accommodation

Find out how to register and deregister for student rooming accommodation.


Find Council's requirements to start a new market or a new market food stall.

Environmental authority application

You need to apply for an environmental authority to perform an environmentally relevant activity (ERA). ERAs are industrial or intensive agricultural activities with the potential to release contaminants into the environment.

Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks

Council regulates caravan parks and relocatable home parks under the Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks Local Law 2000 to ensure they are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition and appropriate facilities are provided.

Commercial vehicle parking and permits

If you use a vehicle as part of your business, you may need a commercial vehicle parking permit to use a commercial loading zone.