Laws and permits for businesses

You may need planning and building approval to start or expand your business. Licences and permits are also required for particular business types.

Learn more information and the requirements for permits and licences issued by Brisbane City Council. 


Food business licences

A food business licence may be required whether you are starting a new food business or taking over an existing one.

Find out about the different types of food businesses you can run, and learn more about the application process.


Events, venues and filming

Brisbane City Council encourages a range of festivals, markets, events, live entertainment venues and creative enterprises, such as filming.

Council regulates these activities to ensure public health and safety. Find out the requirements and how to apply.


Malls management

Brisbane has three main malls - Queen Street, Brunswick Street and the Chinatown mall. Penalties may apply for breaches of the local laws in these areas.

Work on roads and footpaths

You need a footway permit for certain activities on Council’s footpaths and roads, and on your driveway.

Advertising signs

Council is responsible for licencing and regulating outdoor advertising signs in Brisbane.

Commercial vehicle parking

Find out if your vehicle requires a commercial vehicle parking permit to use a commercial loading zone.

Promote your event

Promote your event or awareness campaign by lighting up a bridge or hanging a banner. Find out about options, availability and bookings.

Personal appearance services

Businesses that provide higher risk personal appearances services need a licence from Council.


Find out the approvals required to start a new market and information for market operators.

Student rooming accommodation

City Plan 2014 has simplified the way some land uses are regulated and aligned them with other relevant legislation. One of these uses is rooming accommodation. Register your property with Council if you rent to students.

Environmental Authority Application

You may require an Environmental Authority if you undergo an activity that has potential to damage or pollute the environment.

Animal permits

You may require a permit to keep livestock, a racehourse, or multiple cats or dogs. 

Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks

Find out the requirements for a Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks Permit and how to apply.

Planning and building approvals

Find out what approvals are required for common business projects, home business and residential developments. You can also access specific information for real estate agents and building certifiers.

Trade waste

Apply for a trade waste approval from Queensland Urban Utilities.

More information

For further assistance, phone Council's Business hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.