Animals and pets

Brisbane City Council has local laws for the keeping of domestic animals. Council administers requirements for dog registration and microchipping. Owners are responsible to ensure their pets are healthy, safe and do not create a nuisance in their neighbourhood.

Cats and dogs

Find information on requirements for cat and dog owners, registration and renewals, permits and dog off-leash areas in Brisbane. You can also find information on animal noise, breaches and fines, dangerous dogs and declared regulated animals and our lost and found animal register.

Chickens and poultry

A free livestock permit is required to keep poultry in a residential area. Apply using the online form and find out the conditions for keeping chickens and other poultry in Brisbane.


A livestock permit is required to keep a horse in a residential area. If the horse is used for racing, you will require a horse racing permit instead. Find information about permits and conditions for keeping a horse in Brisbane.



A permit is required to keep livestock in Brisbane. Livestock means any animal that can be farmed, whether kept for farming or domestic purposes. This includes, horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, deer, poultry, emus, ostriches, peafowls and alpacas.

Declared regulated animals

An animal, other than a dog, may be investigated and declared regulated in certain situations.