Register of local laws and notices

Brisbane City Council has a Register of Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws, and publishes notices about new local laws, as well as proposed local laws open for public consultation. 

Local laws for public consultation 

For any law proposed by Council, public submissions may be made to the Chief Executive Officer during a consultation period.  There are currently no new local laws undergoing consultation. 

Notice of a new local law

Public Notice of making the Animals Local Law 2017 for the City of Brisbane

City of Brisbane Act 2010 - Section 32

Brisbane City Council (Council) has by resolution on 8 May 2018 made a local law entitled the Animals Local Law 2017 (the local law).

The purpose and general effect of the local law is to regulate and manage the keeping and control of animals.

The local law has repealed the Animals Local Law 2003 and the Animals Subordinate Local Law 2003.

The local law contains anti-competitive provisions.

The local law will commence on 1 July 2018.

Copies of the Animals Local Law 2017 may be:

More information

Download the local law:

Register of local laws 

The Register of Local Laws lists all of Council's local laws and subordinate local laws and states the purposes and general effects of each law:

For more information, you can download local laws and subordinate local laws from the state government's Local Laws Database or request a copy of a local law from the City Customer Service Centre, 266 George Street, Brisbane.

18 May 2018