Do I need approval

Find out the key facts about a property and then see what approvals are required for common residential and business projects, subdividing and heritage properties.


Key facts about a property

The first step to find out whether you need approval is to do a property enquiry to find out the zoning, constraints and area of the property. Also, find out the current assessment arrangements for properties in Urban Development Areas.

Types of approval

This section details situations where a development application is not required, such as accepted development or accepted development subject to requirements, and information on development approvals and building approvals. Also find out what is classed as prohibited development.

Residential projects

Find out key information and what approvals are needed for common residential projects.

Subdividing land

Most subdivisions need planning approval. Find out what you need to do to subdivide your land.

Business projects

Find out key information and what approvals you need for common business projects.

Heritage properties

Find out about restoring and researching heritage properties, including any approvals you might need.