Emergency Vehicle Prioritisation | Brisbane City Council

Emergency Vehicle Prioritisation

Brisbane City Council, in partnership with the Queensland Government, is delivering innovative traffic management technology to help emergency services across Brisbane get to their destinations faster - saving valuable time and potentially lives. Council contributed $0.5 million to the jointly funded project that uses technology to help clear the way for emergency vehicles to get to their destination more quickly.  

Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP) systems provide emergency services vehicles with a passage of green lights on route to an emergency. As the vehicle approaches a busy intersection it will be met with green lights. It helps ensure our city’s ambulances and fire and rescue vehicles can move through traffic signals as efficiently and safely as possible.

The initiative involves installing devices into emergency vehicles and then linking them to GPS and traffic management technology. This determines the location of an emergency vehicle, calculates estimated times of arrival at intersections, and sends a message to the traffic control system that an emergency vehicle is approaching. It then allows the lights to turn to green and remain green longer, ensuring traffic can clear an intersection efficiently.

The EVP rollout has so far connected more than 300 intersections across 13 Brisbane road corridors in the past year, with plans to expand the rollout.

EVP devices have been fitted to around 120 Brisbane ambulance vehicles and 23 fire rescue vehicles, accounting for more than half of the vehicle fleet.

The technology is being rolled out progressively and each location is being monitored to ensure it is operating efficiently.

16 March 2017