Environment and waste

Brisbane City Council's environment and waste minimisation initiatives help keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. Keeping Brisbane clean and green is all about making our city liveable and sustainable for our children, and their children to follow. Use this section to find out about waste, green initiatives to help protect Brisbane's natural environment (including waterways) and what you can do to make Brisbane cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

Clean, green, sustainable blog

Council's clean, green and sustainable blog provides useful information and tips to help Brisbane residents live a 'greener' lifestyle.

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Rubbish, tips and bins

Find out about rubbish and kerbside collections, resource recovery centres, recycling, green waste and waste reduction. You can also report illegal dumping and find out about Council's tip shops.

Be clean and green in Brisbane

Find out what you can do in your home, business, school, garden or community group to make Brisbane cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

Natural environment

Council's green initiatives help protect Brisbane's natural environment. Find out about community conservation, bushland reserves and environment centres.Learn how you can get involved to help protect our creeks and waterways, as well Brisbane's biodiversity. Council also offers gardening advice and workshops to encourage a cleaner and greener city. 


Find out how Council is becoming a water smart city and how you can help protect our waterways. Learn about being water smart at home, how to get involved in one of Council's creek catchment programs and more.