Natural environment

Residents and visitors value Brisbane's natural resources. Brisbane City Council is working with the community to take care of our trees, land, wildlife and waterways. Find out how you can help protect Brisbane from invasive species of weeds and pest animals and learn about our natural environment at an Environment Centre. You can also learn how Council is helping to keep our air clean.

""Plants, trees and gardening

Council offers gardening advice and workshops, as well as giving free trees to residents to encourage a clean and green city. You can also find out about street trees, bushland restoration and where Council has planted 2 million trees.

""Bushland reserves

Enjoy Brisbane's bushland reserves and natural areas, including bushwalking tracks and trails for mountain bikes, horse riding, picnic areas and links to find out how you can help to protect them.

""Environment Centres

Brisbane's Environment Centres offer the community a range of educational programs and activities. See where your nearest Environment Centre is located and what's on.

""Biodiversity in Brisbane

Council is committed to protecting, managing and enhancing Brisbane's biodiversity values, including our plants and animals. The Brisbane Vision includes the aspiration to maintain a clean and green city that continues to support a high level of biodiversity. 

""Creeks and waterways

Information about Brisbane's creeks and catchments, including waterway health issues and how you can get involved.


Find information on Brisbane's weed species and pest plants and advice on how to control and remove weeds on your property.

""Clean air

Council's Clean Air Strategy has been in place for 20 years and is still a reliable strategic plan to protect Brisbane's air quality and the health and wellbeing of residents.

""Outdoor Reads

Get outdoors and explore our city's natural areas with Outdoor Reads. The Story City mobile app provides a 'choose your own adventure' interactive walking and reading experience in three major Brisbane parks.