Brisbane's air quality

Brisbane City Council's Clean Air Strategy has been in place for 20 years and is still a reliable strategic plan to protect Brisbane's air quality and the health and wellbeing of residents.

Clean, healthy air helps make Brisbane an attractive place to work, play and invest. Our clean air makes us stand out from other large cities as a liveable New World City with an enviable outdoor way of life that is rare for such a big city. 

Brisbane Vision aspiration

'Brisbane will have clean, healthy air that is consistently better than Australian air quality standards.'

20 years of our Clean Air commitment

Find out how far Brisbane’s air quality has come and what Council and the community together have achieved for clean air over the last 20 years.

Types of pollution

Learn about pollution sources such as vehicles, industry and bushfires. Find out how you can help help us improve air quality.

Clean Air Strategy

Read or download the Clean Air Strategy for Brisbane and find links to other air quality information. See what Council is doing to protect Brisbane's air quality and what you can do to help.

Clean air index

Find out what Brisbane's air quality is like right now and how it is monitored at seven monitoring stations across Brisbane. Find links to the state government's live air quality data.

Why air quality is important

Brisbane's air quality is affected by many sources and can affect our health, the environment, our city's livability and the economy.