Advertising signs

There are rules that apply if you are planning to display advertising signs in Brisbane. You may need Brisbane City Council approval if you want to display advertising signs for your business or home business. Council may also require approval for club, charity or garage sale signs. Find out if your sign/s require/s a licence and how to apply if you need approval.

Sign approval

Use the advertising signs tool to find out what signs you are permitted to have in a particular location. Learn about permitted, licensable, generally inappropriate and prohibited signs.

Advertising sign fees

You need to pay fees when you lodge your advertising sign application with Council. Use this page to find out fees for full and express assessment applications and other applicable advertising sign fees.

How to apply

Some licensed signs require full assessment; others only require express assessment. Use this page to find out about full and express assessment and prelodgement meetings for complex advertising sign proposals.


Advertisements Local Law

Council is responsible for permitting and regulating outdoor advertising signs in Brisbane. Find out about the Advertisements Local Law 2013.

Advertising sign forms and fact sheets

Council's advertising signs checklists and advertising sign application forms are located together for your convenience. Find what you need.

Advertising signs glossary

Read how Council defines common advertising sign terms.

Information for existing signs licensees

Find out how to change, transfer, cancel or renewal your licence. Existing licences automatically receive a renewal notice before expiry.