Events, venues and filming

To achieve the vision for our vibrant, creative city, Brisbane City Council encourages a range of festivals, events, live entertainment venues and creative enterprises, such as filming.

Council regulates these activities to ensure public health and safety. You may need a permit from Council if you are:

  • planning a festival, event or market
  • operating an entertainment venue or an amplified music venue in the Valley
  • filming or taking photos for commercial purposes.

Events and festivals

Find out about Entertainment Event permits and related event approvals. Understand Council's requirements for event preparation, safety and notification to stakeholders and browse helpful event planning resources.

Filming in Brisbane

Find out how to apply for a filming permit in Brisbane, including links to application forms and other helpful information.

Entertainment venues

Certain types of venues require an Entertainment Venue Permit. Understand when an approval is required and access the application form and fees.


Find Council's requirements to start a new market or a new market food stall.

Amplified music venues in the Valley

Amplified music venues in the Valley need an Amplified Music Venues Permit. Find out the requirements and how to apply.


Liquor licence proposals

If you are intending to apply to the Queensland Government for a long term liquor licence, you must first apply to Council to investigate the proposal and provide written advice to support the application. Council consent is also required for temporary liquor licence applications for events or other activities on Council land. Use this page to find out about the Council process for long term and temporary liquor licences.