Sign approval

Brisbane City Council is responsible for licensing and regulating outdoor advertising signs in Brisbane. Find details about your proposed sign location. Use the advertising signs tool to find out what signs you can have on your property. Learn about permitted, licensable, generally inappropriate and prohibited signs.

Advertising signs tool

Use the interactive online tool to find out whether a proposed sign is permitted, requires approval, is generally inappropriate or prohibited.

Facts about the proposed sign location

Find the key facts about sign locations including zoning, constraints and locality issues that determine what advertising signs you can have on your property.

Permitted signs for common uses

Some signs are permitted for common uses such as small business, home business, garage sales, real estate, clubs, charities, builders and developers.

Licensable signs

For some signs, you need to apply and be granted a licence before you can display your sign.

Prohibited signs

To protect the amenity of areas, ensure public safety and respect the visual rights of other property owners, some signs are prohibited.