Starting a new food business

A home based business or market stall are popular ways to start a new food business. There are also other options including opening a cafe, restaurant, driving a mobile food vehicle or catering. There are also specific requirements for non-profit and government organisations.


Home based food business

If you want to run a food business from home, find out what activities need a licence, the fees and how to apply. Restrictions apply for certain types of food business activities that are allowed to operate from home.

Market food stall

Market stalls may need a temporary food stall licence to operate. See if your stall will need a licence and read the requirements, licence options, fees and learn how to apply.

Mobile food vehicle

There are permitted locations for mobile vehicles and some need food licences.

Roadside vending

You need a Standing Vehicle Licence if you want to sell food from the side of the road.

Cafe, restaurant and takeaway

Find out what you need to do to start a cafe, restaurant, takeaway or similar food business in a fixed location.

Food manufacturing

Food manufacturing requires a licence from Council. Find out the requirements and how to apply.


Catering businesses can be on-site or off-site. Find out the licence requirements and how to apply.

Non-profit organisation

Different food licence rules apply to non-profit organisations.

Food business licence process

Find out the application process for obtaining a food business licence for mobile food businesses and fixed location food premises including cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

Government organisations

Council does not regulate food businesses operated by state or government owned corporations such as tuckshops.