Valley Malls

Brunswick Street and Chinatown Malls are vibrant shopping and entertainment hubs in Fortitude Valley.

Brisbane City Council recently upgraded the Brunswick Street Mall to support the growth of Fortitude Valley. The new-look mall features improved lighting, way-finding signage, dining and entertainment areas as well as new public art.

""Valley Malls events

Brunswick Street Mall and Chinatown Mall host a variety of activities and events including cultural festivals, markets, music and more. Find out what's on in the Valley Malls.

""The Pod, Brunswick Street Mall

Host your next event at The Pod to take advantage of the vibrancy and character of Brunswick Street Mall. Expose your brand, band, organisation or cause at The Pod - an interactive multi-purpose facility that features a fold-out stage right in the centre of the mall.

""Valley Special Entertainment Precinct

The Valley Malls are within the Valley Special Entertainment Precinct. Find out about the noise and planning laws for the precinct and the Valley Music Harmony Plan.

""Wi-Fi in Valley Malls

Brisbane offers free wireless internet access in Brunswick Street and Chinatown Malls, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find out how to connect to the service.

""A-frame signs in Valley Malls

Council supports businesses in the Valley Malls to display one A-frame sign and regulates this through permits to maintain safety and amenity.

people walking at Queen Street Mall

Smoking ban in Fortitude Valley Malls

Smoking is banned in outdoor pedestrian malls under Queensland Government legislation. View the non-smoking area map and find out about the ban.


27 November 2017