Cats and dogs

Find out about the regulations for dog owners, including registration and renewals, permits, animal noise (barking dogs), dangerous dogs, breaches, fines and other requirements for businesses. Also find links to dog parks and lost and found animals.


Dog registration

Find information about how to register your dog in Brisbane, renew the licence, registration requirements and applicable fees.

Lost and found animals

Brisbane City Council maintains a register for lost and found animals in Brisbane.  Find out how to search for a lost pet.


Dog off-leash areas (dog parks)

Council provides over 135 dog off-leash areas (commonly known as dog parks) in parks across Brisbane. We even have dog parks specifically designed for small dogs. Find out more.

Animal noise

How Council handles animal noise complaints and information for animal owners such as how to control a barking dog.

Requirements for cat and dog owners

Learn about the requirements for keeping a cat or dog, including dog registration, microchipping and tattooing of desexed animals. Find out about Council's microchipping events.

Cat and dog permits

Brisbane City Council regulates the keeping of cats and dogs under the Animals Local Law 2017.

Dangerous, menacing and restricted dogs

Learn how a dog can be declared dangerous or menacing. Find out the dog breeds prohibited in Brisbane.

Declared regulated animals

An animal, other than a dog, may be investigated and declared regulated in certain situations. 

Breaches and fines

Includes a list of animal breaches, their relevant fines with payment options and how to report a breach.